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What is it with progressives?! All of my life I've heard how U.S. Imperialism is bad; Our colonialism is bad; Our overt hatred of places like Russia and China is bad; Our racism is bad; Our "christian" superiority is bad.

What Is It With Progressives

I thought that progressives wanted a world less dominated by the U.S. A world where emerging nations could build their own systems and governments, and honor their own cultures and heritages.

But now that we have a president whose central mission appears to be to tear down the U.S., weaken our military power, end our economic dominance, and give the world reason to shift from the Dollar to the Yuan as the default world currency, progressives are screaming mad!

Progressives have spent decades lamenting the rightist, corporatist leanings of the Republican Party. They have complained endlessly that Republicans work for the worst, most selfish, least far-sighted policies, with little or no concern for the common people.

Now that we have a president who is working hard to define it as the party of the most ignorant, most selfish, and mostly aging and dying-off old white people, progressives complain.

But now that we have a president who has gained control of the Republican Party, and is working hard to isolate it, narrow its base, define it as the party of the most ignorant, most selfish, and mostly aging and dying-off old white people, progressives complain.

Here in California, the Republican Party essentially committed suicide. Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian made the Party the standard bearer for racism and corporate corruption, and oversaw the Party tossing out black, Latino and Asian members just as those populations were becoming politically significant. As the world moved rapidly toward acceptance of gender and sexual orientation equality, the Republican Party put gay-bashing ahead of Christian values as a Party policy, despite the leadership of the all but open homosexuality of Pete Wilson.

The Donald has taken that model and applied it nationally. Why are progressives not cheering and promoting the Donald?

The question came into focus in the past week when the Donald issued one of his patented threats against Iran. Seriously, can this have been anything but good news for logical progressives? Let's review just a little history, all of it completely consistent. All of it guaranteeing that the "threat" against Iran was really no threat at all, but rather an announcement that the Donald will be reducing tensions in the middle-east.

Think about the North Korea example. The Donald started out slamming "Little Rocket Man" Kim Jong Un with threats of fire and brimstone. He demanded regime change and deferential obeisance. Finally he demanded that the two bit dictator of a bankrupt, resource free, backwater, international pariah treat the U.S. president as his equal! The Donald handed Kim Jong Un what Kim's father and grandfather had struggled to obtain since North Korea was founded.

Once Kim Jong Un had accepted that generous gift of 'equality' of status, the Donald went, as unprepared as usual, to a "summit" with Kim. Kim simply polished the Donald's ego, and walked away with U.S. military and economic concessions, while giving up nothing. The Donald then announced that HE could make a good deal with Kim.

As we since learned, the "good deal" includes the U.S. abandoning its military "protection" of South Korea, while allowing Kim to continue his nuclear weapons development. What is there in this for progressives to hate? And, following his weekend fire and brimstone tweet about Iran, the Donald said that HE could make a good deal with the Iranians.

The Donald also demanded that China help bring North Korea out of isolation and into the international family of nations. The Chinese graciously acceded to the demand. They handed the Donald a "loan" of $500 Million (with no expectation that the Donald would pay back a penny - as he has not paid back so many other "loans"). In exchange for the "loan," the Donald lifted technology sanctions on Kim's nuclear weapons program, and also on Iran's nuclear power program.

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The Chinese saved one of their high tech companies, got a greenlight to continue exploiting U.S. software and nuclear technology, and earned the international reputation of being able to save important industries from the Donald's fatuous "sanctions" announcements. If the Donald would let North Korea and Iran get nuclear technology, for a bribe of only $500 Million, then surely sanctions on agricultural and consumer products are going to be even easier to work out.

And there is the Russia example. Russia is physically huge, but economically tiny. The economy of just one U.S. state, California is vastly larger than that of Russia. And Russia's economy is narrow, neither broad spectrum nor vibrant like the economies of Europe, China and many U.S. states. President Reagan showed how fragile the Russian economy is, and how a President who wants to keep the U.S. strong and dominant could coerce change in Russia.

But the Donald is committed to a different course. He has no interest in coercing Russia or in keeping the U.S. strong. He is working to achieve what progressives have always wanted, diminishing U.S. power, reducing U.S. military and economic hegemony. Yet progressives bridle at his efforts and his successes. WHY?

The Donald's progressive efforts are succeeding on the domestic front as much as on foreign policy. Just look what he is doing to both the NRA and the corporate for-profit church industry. The NRA has been essentially taken over by the KGB (or the "FSB" according to evidence seized from the apartment of Republican Party operative Paul Erickson, who made notes on how he should negotiate terms for his new FSB job!).

Those familiar with the Red Sparrow docu-novel trilogy will recognize the tactics of Russian agent Maria Butina - shacking up with a Republican Party insider while partying and sleeping her way through the NRA leadership. Patriotism and principles be damned! These gun nuts simply grabbed all the Russian pussy they could.

And they grabbed all the Russian cash that was offered. Feeling so comfortably in control of congress, the NRA never imagined that its Russia secret was going to come out. They grabbed Russian cash and poured it into the Kremlin's campaign to sway the 2016 election. Only now, two years later, are they beginning to worry about how to reconcile their books to explain away the Russian roots of the cash, and the inevitable conclusion that Russia is now dictating NRA policy.

Why are progressives not reveling in this successful operation to take a once powerful corporate lobbying group and reveal it as a cabal of horny old white men, doing Russia's bidding for a chance at one more grab at redhead pussy? Ridiculous geezers willing to betray their country for an orgasm and a million bucks.

While the NRA collusion with Russia to undermine the U.S. is beginning to unravel, news around the edges of the NRA revelations disclose that major for-profit televangelicals have also been making pilgrimages to Moscow, auditioning for the Czar and angling for a piece of the financial pie. They need a new source of revenue now that the Republican Party seems guaranteed to reverse Roe v. Wade. That will destroy the single greatest fundraising tool the corporate churches have had for almost fifty years.

To get a peek at Czar Vlad's checkbook, corporate televangelists are praising the Czar's embrace of the Eastern Orthodox Church. No matter that that church has traditionally been called heretical (or worse) by Southern protestants. Consistency doesn't matter when dollars are at stake.

And this is another part of the Donald's progressivism. Remember how, during the Obama administration, corporate churchmen hammered the message that there is no such thing as moral relativism? Nothing could be excused of a man who had sinned, or even simply made a mistake.

But for the past two years, the same hypocrites have been telling us that no sin, no mistake, no violation of a Commandment by the Donald should ever be criticized, because he is making America grate again. And now it turns out that they have all been collecting money from Russia, and lobbying for bigger payouts.

The white-right church took a hit from the Scopes Monkey Trial and the cross examination of William Jennings Bryant. The church rebounded through the anti-Civil Rights work of Jerry Falwell and others. But the Donald's actions now lead the church to embrace eager violations of all Commandments, and reveal their leaders' eager embrace a foreign power for nothing more than cash.

[dc]W[/dc]hy do progressives still protest? Why are we not embracing the Donald for accomplish in less than two years what progressives have sought for decades? Why don't we do what the Donald did in dealing with North Korea, Russia and china - simply announce victory and start hammering that message home?

Tom Hall

Tom Hall