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Who Orchestrated the 1/6 Insurrection

As the one year anniversary of the Trump Insurrection approaches, we still have not held accountable those who planned, financed, orchestrated and implemented the attempt to overthrow the 2020 election results, which resulted in Joe Biden defeating Donald Trump’s reelection efforts. We may soon know…

Hundreds of persons who invaded the Capitol on 1/6/2021, or who did harm to others outside the Capitol, have now been indicted or indicted and convicted regarding their involvement in the Insurrection. But who caused it to happen? Here are my conclusions:

1. Overturning the Results of the Election by Claiming Voter Fraud and Decertifying the Results.

After over 60 lawsuits were lost, the Trump team realized that these efforts would not be successful as the year 2020 neared Its end. New strategies were needed, and several Texas Trumpsters came up with the idea of using the phrase “Stop the Steal” (coined years before by Roger Stone regarding an earlier election) to stimulate diehard Trumpsters to gather in Washington, D.C. before the election was certified on January 6, 2021, to protest the result.

2. The December 12, 2020 “Dry Run’.

The organizers of the “Stop the Steal” effort, including Ali Alexander, put together a dry run rally in D.C. to see if this strategy would work. Funds were obtained to get the permits for the upcoming rallies in D.C and to help the Trumpster loyalists to travel to D.C for the rallies to be held on December 12 and in early January. The House Select Committee is investigating exactly who provided the seed money to finance the Insurrection.

3. The Early January 2021 “Tours”.

Shortly after the new year, several rabid Trumpster Members of Congress, most likely Congressmen Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, and Andy Biggs and new Members Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, organized “tours” of the Capitol buildings for organizers of the upcoming “Stop the Steal” Rally scheduled on the Ellipse shortly before Congress gathered in the Capitol to certify the election. Were members of the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers also invited? What was the purpose of these tours? Could it have been to familiarize the persons who took the tours as to how to infiltrate the Capitol and find out where important Democrat Members of Congress had their offices in the Capitol, and how to get to the House and Senate chambers? 

Trump retreated to his Florida palace and surrounded himself with his lawyers and the money of his Trumpster supporters

4. The January 5, 2021 Rallies.

Trump loyalists Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, both pardoned by Trump for their past crimes supporting Trump, organized rallies on the day before the electoral votes were to be certified, aided by InfoWars head Alex Jones and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon and others. Separate rallies were held that day, a “Freedom Rally” organized by Michael Flynn which had religious overtones, and another rally organized by Roger Stone and his Proud Boys goons, who had “guarded” Stone for years. Their jobs were to stir up emotions in the Trumpsters gathered from around the country (such as soon-to-be-killed at the Capitol Ashli Babbitt, who was trying to penetrate the House chamber) about how the election was stolen from Trump. The crowds were brought to a frenzy…

5. The Late Night Meeting at the Trump International Hotel Before the “Stop the Steal” Rally.

In the “Presidential Suite” at the Trump International Hotel, late on the evening of 1/5, gathered the Trump boys, Don Jr. and Eric, Junior’s main squeeze, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Rudy Giuliani, Peter Navarro, Ali Alexander, Michael Flynn, My Pillow guy Mike Lindell, Trump’s former campaign staffers Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, and Senator Tommy Tuberville and possibly other Senators (Josh Hawley? Ted Cruz?), and other hangers-on, including Phil Waldron (a person of recent interest to the Select Committee). Trump joined in the meeting by speakerphone. What did they discuss? According to one attendee, Twxwire CEO Daniel Beck, it was “what to expect on the Hill [the Capitol] tomorrow”. 

6. The Early Morning Meeting at the Willard Hotel.

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After the Trump Hotel meeting ended, Giuliani went over to the Willard Hotel to meet with the real behind-the-scene operatives regarding what was going to happen later that day, which was planning the coup attempt: law professor John Eastmen, Boris Epshteyn, Steve Bannon, and Roger Stone. Trump called in to speak to the assembled coup plotters at the Willard. What did they discuss? This is why the White House call logs are wanted by the Select Committee. 

7. The 1/6 Morning Meeting.

Early in the day, Stone appeared outside the Willard with his Proud Boy goons, including Mike Simmons, Roberto Minuta, Jonathan Walden, Mark Grods, and Ethan Nordean, and then sent them off to the Capitol, but not to attend the “Stop the Steal”Rally about to happen. Their job at the Capitol, led by Nordean, was to penetrate the Capitol building with the help of the Oathkeepers, dressed in combat uniform, and QAnon members hyped up by member Michael Flynn (some say Flynn was in fact “Q”). Stone in fact fled town later that day, and did not appear at the Capitol; nor did Michael Flynn. 

8. The “Stop the Steal” Rally.

The permit for the Rally did not authorize a march to the Capitol, but Trump, when he spoke at the Rally, said he would lead them down to the Capitol (of course, he did not). He also on one occasion during his speech said that the participants in the Rally, after marching to the Capitol, should participate in a “peaceful demonstration”. He did not mean it, but he wanted to say it to try to cover himself from future responsibility for the violence he knew was about to happen. Giuliani and Eastman, as well as 

Congressman Mo Brooks, among others, also spoke at the Rally.

9. The Assembly at the Capitol After the Trump Speech

The Rally participants made their way to the Capitol, meeting up with the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers and other Trump militants whose charter was: after they penetrated the Capitol, to disrupt the certification of electors proceedings; to locate, capture and destroy the ballots certifying the election; and to kill Pence and Pelosi (possibly by gassing the tunnels between the Capitol and the House and Senate Office Buildings to which the Members of Congress would have fled after the Capitol was breached). The Capitol was soon breached and the Insurrection commenced; the Members of Congress all escaped, with the help of the Secret Service and the Capitol Police.

10. The Defense Department Sits on Its Collective Butt for Hours

After the breach of the Capitol, panic calls were made from Congressional leaders to the heads of the Defense Department to activate their National Guard troops and stop the Insurrection now in progress. The calls incredibly came in to the brother of Michael Flynn, Brigadier General Charles Flynn (still on active duty to this day as the head of the Army in the Pacific area!), who slow-walked any effective response for hours. The Capitol and Metropolitan Police on site at the Capitol were initially diverted to address bomb scares at the headquarters of the RNC and DNC near the Capitol as the rioting was beginning there. 

11. Trump Watches the Insurrection on Television in the Oval Office, Enjoying the Rioting.

The White House operative in contact with the coup plotters, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, deflected calls to the President to “do something!!!”, even calls from his son Don Jr. It wasn’t until much later that Trump was finally convinced to send a message to his loving supporters to “stand down”. Trump took calls during his time of inaction that afternoon from panicked Republican leaders in Congress, and had a heated phone conversation with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who used the “F word” on the President.


12. The Aftermath.

After this, the coverup began. The certification process resumed, Biden’s election as President was certified, he was inaugurated, and Trump retreated to his Florida palace and surrounded himself with his lawyers and the money of his Trumpster supporters for the battle ahead, which hopefully will result in his going to JAIL.

Ted Vaill