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t-Rump THINKS he can change basic facts of life, including the laws physics with his silly tweets and twits. And in the spirit of the Cole Porter song, *“Anything Goes” – old is new, bad is good, truth is not, and the guy today Republikkkans prize today is less than a silly gigolo.

World Has Gone Mad

I never thought anything could make CNN a relevant news network again. They suckered for Fox’s invitation in the “Race for the Bottom Feeders” with sensationalist garbage, but realized they could not outfox Fox in their total disregard for truth, integrity and all those things we always pine for in a news station.

Though CNN had a major role in ENABLING t-Rump, this petulant, ungrateful brat of a man has made them a favorite target of the far-far right for actually reporting “hard news” this is truthfully, unfavorable to him. The more he’s bashed them, the more seriously they take themselves as a news station, as opposed to a secondary home for far-far right sensationalism.

NOW, t-Rump has made Nike into a sympathetic corporation we might be proud of, and I HATED Nike for decades. This arose out of ethical, professional and personal reasons. The corporation once notorious for exploiting Third World labor to make overpriced athletic shoes and equipment, began as a beautiful start-up, dedicated to designing safe and functional running shoes affordable to the masses. They were great at that, and then became big and bad as they grew. They actually pay rent to t-Rump for their Niketown in New York, AND they’re in the process of moving out.

Then came Colin Kaepernick and other socially conscious athletes using their standing to call out injustices on a personal, local, regional and national level. t-Rump responded to them like a redneck football coach from the 1960’s, “reminding those boys of their place and keeping them in it.”

The NFL is beset by a dilemma – honor the young men who play the game and sacrifice their long-term health; or honor the corporate forces that made the $billions for the team owners.

t-Rump actually wanted badly to become an NFL owner, but they wouldn’t accept him. It takes more than $billions to own an NFL team. For one thing, you have to release your tax returns so they can see how you made your money. For another, they strive to only accept billionaires with . . . um . . . uh . . . class, this being a relative term.

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New York billionaires, such as Michael Bloomberg say that t-Rump is NOT one of them. They never let him into their club because of his brazen absence of “class,” whatever that is.

New York billionaires, such as Michael Bloomberg say that t-Rump is NOT one of them. They never let him into their club because of his brazen absence of “class,” whatever that is. They avoided doing business with him because of his notoriety for stiffing workers, contractors and fellow investors. Word got around to the NFL ownership and they turned him down too.

Still, t-Rump catered to their sensibilities by making a stink over this national anthem thingy. Last year t-Rump made the National Anthem into a partisan issue – the protesting players were “sons of bitches” and he told the owners to treat them like badly-behaving slaves . . . um . . . I mean . . . “help.”

So now the owners are conflicted, while Nike has suddenly grown a social conscience not seen since the late 1970’s! They rewarded Kaepernick for his courage and integrity by making him a central part of their new ad campaign: “Believe in Something – Even if it Means Sacrificing Everything.”

Damn, they would have loved me in high school -I quit football the day before the first game of my senior year, as a result of relentless anti-Semitic abuse. As a result, I didn’t get recruited. My high school coach would have LOVED t-Rump, and the marchers in Charlottesville. He was a bigoted and racist as they came – to him all the Jews and blacks were “sons of bitches” or worse. He was enabled by assistant coaches, administrators and teachers who quaked in his wake.

So . . . t-Rump says, “"I think it's a terrible message that they're sending and the purpose of them doing it, maybe there's a reason for them doing it," Trump told the Daily Caller, "but I think as far as sending a message, I think it's a terrible message and a message that shouldn't be sent. There's no reason for it."

The Daily Caller? That’s his go-to source for media outreach, besides his Twitter account? Um . . . uh . . . excuse me, but wasn’t The Caller the official news organ of the American Nazi Party beginning in the 1930’s? And aren’t they the guys who created CRTV which has inundated You-Tube and other media with their alarmist ads about how “fake news is un-American.”

To cap off this Brave New “Anything Goes,” America now has a president who dignifies an organization out to dignify all those “fine people on both sides” who just weren’t happy with the outcome of World War II, or even the Civil War. And now CNN and Nike are “good guys” again. It’s hard to keep up.

The delicious irony is that Kaepernick’s black ball-collusion claim against the NFL is going to trial soon, and NFL owners appeared to be doing the bidding of t-Rump and his party by colluding to keep him unemployed. Just remember, “Good is bad, day is night, truth is untruth,” and everything will turn out fine.

scott prosterman

H. Scott Prosterman