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Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Lighten Up

Nikki Junker: If I can make light out of what happened to me and have some fun with the purpose it led me to, then I don't see a problem with it. So we shall go with our tutus to raise $1000 to fight sexual exploitation of children

Everyone thought I was crazy when I came up with Operation Purple Squirrel... I won't go into details if you don't know what that is, but basically it was a way for me to help move the abolitionist movement into a realm where otherwise people would have been put off by the terms "Sexual Exploitation of Children" or "Sex trafficking".

purple tutu

Plus it was fun for us activists to have our little purple commander-in-cheif and it seemed to work well and continues to be a great tool. So, when I found out that California Against Slavery (CAS) was hosting a walk-a-thon to raise money for their cause I got excited and decided that I would get a little creative.

I came up with Team Tutu for Triumph. I have a thing for tutus... actually anything frilly and pretty haha! The idea is that I'll recruit people to join my team with the goal to raise $1000 for CAS. CAS is a group that I became involved with about a year ago and they are working on pushing through an initiative for tougher laws regarding Human Trafficking in California. You can check out exactly whet they are doing here. I have also posted a video that they just came out with at the botom of the page that features law enforcement, government officials, Carrissa Phelps, Vicky Zito, and myself and of course the amazing Daphne Phung. Check it out if you have a second...It is a great lil number.

So our goal is to raise this $1000.00 and if we reach our goal we will be wearing tutus at the walk-a-thon. Making this even better is the fact that I am a guest speaker at the event and you better bet I will go onstage in my tutu. Personally, I am incredibly excited about this. I love CAS. They are working towards an amazing goal that has tangible objectives. I also love them because I knw how much work they do with just volunteers and their overhead is low. I always appreciate that. When I donate I want to know my money is going to the goal...not more envelopes to raise more money ya know?

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I got a little nervous though when I injected something comical and fun about such a serious problem. I know that Demi and Ashton got blasted for their "Real Men" campaign videos because some thought the videos were making light of child sex trafficking. I do not want to make that mistake and I do not want people to think this is just something for fun. However, I think if anyone understands just how horrible sex trafficking and human trafficking is, is it would be myself since I have lived it.

If I can make light out of what happened to me and have some fun with the purpose it led me to, then I don't see a problem with it. So we shall go with our tutus...only if we raise $1000, though, so get on it!. Any amount will help really.... You can go here to donate to Team Tutu for Triumph and the CAS intiative. Again, please take the time, if nothing else, to watch the below video to see what we are supporting and seriously... even a dollar helps... oh... and... GO TEAM TUTU FOR TRIUMPH!!!!!!

nikki junker

Nikki Junker
More Than A Purpose