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Yellow Doggin’ It in D’Town


Thunderheads roiled the Rockies surrounding D’Town. Surging through the 16th Street mall came the massed and masked desperadoes, demanding an end to the war and the empire. Closely watched and nervously corralled by every conceivable form of police and paramilitary squad on the alert for reported low tech weapons of mass destruction – round and round the downtown of Denver they swirled. The Democrats were swarming in Denver. And then there were the delegates.

High above the streets, the irked Clinton compatriots were conjuring one last stand for the vanishing dream of insurrection. Obama had not arrived but was ever present, visibly iconic - on buttons, posters, banners, tickets and more. Bigwigs, high rollers and grand poobahs of every style, strut and station floated above it all.

That’s what this observer witnessed in the just the first few hours of the Democratic Convention on Sunday. Tension is palpable among the delegates as everyone wonders what the Clinton delegates are going to do in the coming days. As one of those delegates, a Progressive Democrat no less, I recommend that we all get behind the nominee. Progressives are rallying to Obama’s candidacy and with good reason – he is all that lies between the Republic and McCain.

At the Progressive Democrats of America’s Progressive Central meeting, Tom Hayden, Rep. Barbara Lee, Norman Solomon, Jim Hightower and every speaker urged support for Obama’s election if not his policy positions. As Paul Krugman has remarked – the difference between Barack Obama and Bill Clinton is us – the Progressive Movement. Can we elect a centrist and then turn him progressive? I think we can.

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It is all achingly historic and terrifying at once. Hope for change, balanced with the recent history of electoral theft, imbues the proceedings. Will every citizen on the left of the political spectrum coalesce behind this candidate? This Party? Corrupted by Crony campaign contributions and the incessant compliant search for more of them? Do you dare to dream? I do.

We are off on a Dr. Suessian cavort - a frolicking, rollicking romp. A deadly serious, fanfoozeling, bamboozolous, ratatatootaling raucous ride down the rapids of dissent, consent and hopefully - consensus.


by Brad Parker

Brad Parker is an award winning artist, songwriter, producer and musician. He has recorded, toured and produced hits in North America, Europe and Asia. Parker owns Indie label Riozen records and is a co-founder of “”. Brad is a prolific political writer and speaker as well. Parker is very involved with Democratic political organizations including: President, Valley Democrats United, Vice President, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, Platform Committee of the California Democratic Party and Delegate, CDP Central Committee from the 42nd Assembly District.

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