Protestors Dog Pelosi on Her LA Book Tour at American Jewish University

pelosi-4-copy.gifNancy Pelosi thanked her host, American Jewish University, proclaimed her support for Israel as a Jewish state, and then talked about the importance of women owning their power – this from the woman who upon assuming her role as Speaker of the House declared impeachment off the table, thus immediately surrendering her power to hold the Bush administration accountable for war crimes.

Midway through Pelosi’s somewhat surreal Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters book chat in Los Angeles, Peter Thottam — founder of the LA Impeachment Center — couldn’t take the small talk and platitudes anymore.

Jumping up, a few seats back from the stage, Thottam shouted, “Who gave you the right to destroy the Constitution and take impeachment off the table? Our First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Constitutional Amendments are being annihilated. 1 million Iraqis are dead. 5,000 Americans, including Cindy Sheehan’s son. We’ve spent over $1 trillion taxpayer dollars on a war that should never have been started. Our constitution is being destroyed, Nancy. Bring back our Constitution… Bring it back …”


Linda Milazzo

Security moved in on Peter, took him away, arrested him and threw him in jail for the night.

Peter Thottam said later that the police officers were sympathetic and agreed about the role of big money in Congress. They agreed that Pelosi and these reps are just tools.

Seconds after Peter’s challenge, I shot up, two rows back from the stage, smack dab in the center of the audience, asking, “Nancy, were you fully briefed on torture? Were you briefed on torture?”

Then came Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink, holding out a copy of the US Constitution, offering it to Pelosi, just in case she missed the repeated mentions of impeachment as a remedy for abuse of power.

Security moved in on Jodie, too, whisking her out of the auditorium at American Jewish University, high atop Sepulveda, just past the 50 protestors who came to greet Pelosi with Impeachment is on Our Table and Out of Iraq Now! and No Attack on Iran! signs and banners.

During Pelosi’s entire book talk, some of us — Sara Nichols, Jodie Evans, Linda Milazzo (shown here), Tighe Barry and I – held up our Nancy books with messages we scrawled in big black letters on the inside cover: “Protect Iran,” “Honor Your Oath,” Impeach!” Hold Bolton and Rove in Contempt,” “Nancy, Torture? Torture? Torture?,” and more about specific articles of the Constitution which called for impeachment. Security personnel whispered, watched us, seemingly unsure of how to respond to this act of subtle, yet distracting resistance.

pelosi-5-copy.gifAt one point during her talk, Pelosi, visibly nervous, looked right at us, those of us sitting two rows back, front and center, and told us, almost apologetically, “I was an activist too, I am a progressive, I want the war to end, too. I want to get out of Iraq,” and then, “We need to move our troops into Afghanistan, not Iraq.”

When Pelosi finished, no questions taken, no dialogue allowed, several of us shouted at her, “Use your power, Nancy, to impeach these war criminals. Use your power! Do not be complicit!”

Meanwhile, PDLA Cochair Michael Jay reports that activists from PDLA, Code Pink, The National Impeachment Network, Neighbors for Peace and Justice, and several other groups implemented the Outside strategy, ringing Mulholland Drive and several approaches to last night’s event, beginning long before its start time.

marcy-759153.jpgShadowed by an unusually large police presence and infiltrated by extremely clean-cut fellows claiming to be local “film makers,” activists persevered through the entire book signing with the goal of getting their message in front of the Speaker: The night shot here shows the huge “Impeachment is on OUR table!” banner just moments before Pelosi’s limo was obliged to exit right past it.

by Marcy Winograd

Photos by Linda Sutton, Vice-Chair of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles

Marcy Winograd is President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles and an Executive Board representative to the California Democratic Party.

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    1. Jonathan T. Baker says

      Our Constitution is being ignored. Ms. Pelosi is breaking her oath to preserve and protect it and is pressuring others to do the same. Either she immediately begins impeachment proceedings for President Bush and Vice President Cheney or she must be removed from her position as Speaker of the House and replaced with someone having the morals of Representatives Kucinich or Wexler . Those people who were elected to serve in the Legislative branch must adhere to the tenets of the Constitution or must be removed. If the Democrat Party does not immediately act to change Ms. Pelosi’s intransigence on impeachment, it will no longer receive my support, monetarily or otherwise.

    2. William Bassett says

      Petition to Remove Nancy Pelosi from the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives

      Whereas Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, having failed to fulfill her oath of office as a United States Representative from the State of California, to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” by abusing the power of her office as Speaker of the House to prevent the consideration of Articles of Impeachment – impeachment being the Constitutionally mandated process to hold the Executive accountable for violations of the Constitution, the laws passed by Congress, and international treaties having the force of law under the Constitution, and

      Whereas Nancy Pelosi, as Minority Leader, prior to the mid-term elections of 2006, publicly stated that “Impeachment is off the table”, a politically partisan strategy designed to avoid activating Republican fears that might have disadvantaged her party’s candidates in the election, and

      Whereas Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi continues to obstruct the Constitutionally mandated process of impeachment in furtherance of a politically partisan strategy designed, as she has repeatedly stated -to pass the Democratic Party’s legislative agenda in preference to fulfilling her Oath of Office to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”, and

      Whereas Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi’s continued use of the power of her office to compel other Democrats – Members of the House of Representatives – to withhold their support for impeachment, in violation of their oaths of office, corrupts the most basic functions of the separation of powers designed by the framers and set down in our Constitution,

      Therefore: we, the undersigned concerned citizens urge the Democratic Party to take action to the end that Nancy Pelosi be removed from the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives and sanctioned for her obstruction of the Constitutionally mandated investigations and impeachment proceedings occasioned by the many credible and well documented allegations against George W. Bush and Richard “Dick” Cheney.

      Further: we pledge to withhold financial support for any candidate, office holder, or organization such as the DSCC, DCCC, or DNC seen to be failing in their responsibility to the Constitution in calling for immediate investigations into the actions of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney leading to the possible filing of articles of impeachment.

      • Jonathan T. Baker says

        I am confused. I thought that the freedom to speak was a Constitutional right. How could interrupting Ms. Pelosi be against the law? Perhaps it might have been distasteful but certainly was not against the law. Peter Thottam has the right, as does each of us, to speak out.

        Obviously, fascism has become our way of governance and to hell with the Constitution. We citizens of these United States must not allow our Constitution to be ignored if we want to preserve our rights as Americans.

        Good citizenship requires each of us to be politically active, not in a harmful way, but in the good sense; we must show a continuing interest in what our elected representatives are doing and let them know that we are noting their actions.

        We as a whole are the largest lobby in existence. We must continually lobby our representatives; the corporations do.

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