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My Last Democratic Convention

dallas fowler

Dallas Fowler (right) at the California Democratic Convention

California Democratic Convention

I just completed my last convention this past weekend as a delegate to the California Democratic Party. I have been a delegate for over ten years. I used to be a member of many caucuses but I slowly pulled back membership over the years from the caucuses that I was either not acknowledged in or saw no African Americans in leadership.

In the last five years I have supported a Black woman to be elected to executive offices of the CDP and it never panned out.

How could this be that in 2013, 2017, 2019 the most diverse state party in the country would not elect a black woman to be an executive officer?

How could this be that in 2013, 2017, 2019 the most diverse state party in the country would not elect a black woman to be an executive officer?

How is it that in 2019 not one Black woman chairs a caucus?

The truth is I have watched young white males, some of whom I helped and trained, come into the party and hold leadership positions in caucuses or become DNC members or even Party Chair overnight.

In ten years I have never been appointed to a committee. With the exception of the Women’s Caucus and the African American Caucus I am otherwise invisible in the CDP but my vote at the ballot is not. So that's what I am going to focus on; getting even more Black women on the ballot and encouraging the next generation to run and serve.

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For me, personally, I can no longer waste my time, money, and talent on the California Democratic Party. Congrats to Rusty Hicks the newly elected chair of the California Democratic Party. We are about the same age yet have two completely different experiences in this party. I hope he will do the work to end the racism, sexism, and bully culture in the CDP.

I look forward to seeing him promote the next generation of young African American women in the party.

dallas fowler

I’m still a proud Democrat as my values have not changed but I must move on and give others an opportunity to keep chipping away at the seemingly concrete ceilings to executive leadership of the CDP. And, I will be running for a seat on the Los Angeles City Council—District 10 in the next citywide election.

For now, Fowler out! ✌????#cadem19#itsabovemenow Berlow are a few more photos from my last convention as a delegate.

Dallas Fowler

Dallas Fowler is a proud Los Angeles native and graduate of the School of Business and Industry at Florida A & M University. She is the Principal of Daltek Global Solutions, LLC a boutique digital and print media firm specializing in outreach, diversity, political & business development consulting. She served in Mayor Eric Garcetti’s cabinet as Commissioner on the LAPD Police Permit Review Board. A life-long Democrat, Dallas has been actively working on campaigns for over 20 years.

dallas fowler

Dallas Fowler with fellow attendees at the California Democratic Convention