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I made the mistake of reading the El Paso shooter’s manifesto.

El Paso Manifesto

At one point he concedes that an immigrant is someone willing to do a job no US citizen is willing to do, but then he immediately engages in a screed about the contempt he holds for the children of immigrants.

And upon reading those words all of the nightmarish images trapped behind my eyelids spilled forth.

Families bombarded with chants of “build that wall!” And “send them back!”

I made the mistake of reading the El Paso shooter’s manifesto.

Families torn apart by detention and deportation.

Children without toys or books, in soiled clothes, stunted developmentally, scarred psychologically, tortured physically and emotionally.

Children who fought their way across thousands of miles to find freedom forces into cages.

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Mothers pulling their babies away from the teargas, and dodging the rubber bullets fired by US uniformed personnel.

Mothers crying as they describe the conditions of the concentration camps where their babies died.

Toddlers standing alone in immigration court.

Toddlers left lifeless..: drowned dead by desperation.

I thought about teenage Trayvon Martin murdered by the gun wielding vigilante who followed him despite being told explicitly by the 911 operator not to do so.

I thought about twelve year old Tamir Rice, innocently playing with a toy only to be murdered by a police officer who never once thought, “I don���t need to pull the trigger: I don’t need to take this child’s life.”

It’s not a revelation. But it is a horribly sobering reminder:


Our children are not safe.

Unai Montes-Irueste