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This week, to kick off its renewed discussion series, LA Progressive’s Sharon Kyle and Dick Price address the current full-throated attack on recent racial justice gains that increasingly manic right wingers are waging around the country.

Just now, as part of a puzzling attack on the academic discipline of Critical Race Theory, Florida has banned 50 elementary school math books for somehow mentioning race.

Statehouses around the country are jiggering laws and gerrymandering districts to tamp down Black voter participation.

And recently elected progressive district attorneys are facing frothing recall efforts for attempting to roll back mass incarceration injustices.

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Please listen to LA Progressive’s publisher and editor discuss the way certain entrenched, powerful—and surely white—segments of American society are more than willing to kick democratic principles to the curb if necessary to deny any progress toward the multiracial pluralist society many of us envision. We welcome your comments.

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