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Coffee with Dick & Sharon: Kanye Meets Kevin

When Kanye meets Kevin, "Ye" is out on his ear as quick as you can say "Jew," while Kevin and Gil still draw their City Council paychecks.

In this week’s installment of “Coffee with Dick and Sharon,” we compare and contrast the way Kanye West (aka “Ye”) got so swiftly booted from big buck contracts for his antisemitic ugliness while LA City Councilmembers Gil Cedillo and Kevin De Leon are still refusing to resign after their racist tape spread far and wide.

Two regular LA Progressive writers weighed in recently on the avalanche of racism and bigotry that has sadly—much more than sadly—once again taken center stage, as three prominent Latino LA councilmembers and a labor leader were recorded casually slandering Black people, dark-skinned Latinos, Whites, Armenians, and Jews nearly at the same time as prominent rapper and fashionista Kanye (“Ye”) West vents his spleen at the Jewish American community.

In “Latino Underrepresentation in Los Angeles: Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?”, elections expert Steven Hill takes a look beyond the odious racism, homophobia, and antisemitism washing over the 80-minute tape to the legitimate, core issue the four leaders were discussing: the fact that LA’s growing Latino population is grossly under represented on the City Council and has been for years.

In “Why Canceled for Being Antisemitic but Not for Anti-Blackness?”, long-time LA political observer Jasmyne Cannick wonders how it is that Kanye West can so quickly get kicked to curb by Adidas, Balenciaga, and his talent agency for Twitter nastiness toward Jews, while Cedillo and De Leon can, so far, resist demands that they resign coming the President, the Governor, the Mayor, all the other Councilmembers, and large multiracial groups of the public.

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If the ugliness were confined to the four LatinX leaders surreptitiously recorded a year ago, and a single glory hound rapper, that would be one thing. But we all know that such bias and bigotry pervades so much of our society. Can we learn anything this time from these revelations. Share your thoughts in the comments.