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El Tiempo Es Ahora. Vote Them Out!

David Trujillo: Studies by Cato scholars and other research data on immigrants indicate that a lot of data information does suggest that immigrants are less likely to be involved in crime.

Scapegoating is nothing new to this president. He blames others for his failures and incompetence. Now is the time to consider voting and to become very conscious of what is happening around you.

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The Latino community isn’t the “enemy of the people,” nor is the African-American community, Native-Americans, poor people, and the working-class. The president insists on calling those who look different from his voting base as enemies of the people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The president has never respected the Latino community. Ya Basta!

The president at the beginning of his 2016 campaign said, “Mexican immigrants are not our friends, believe me. They’re bringing in drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. Some I assume are good people.” Yet, studies by Cato scholars and other research data on immigrants indicate that a lot of data information does suggest that immigrants are less likely to be involved in crime. Recently the president and his administration have blamed the increase of the coronavirus in the United States on people coming across the border from Mexico to the U.S. scapegoating others for his own failures in dealing with the pandemic.

Thousands of Latino men and women fought in America’s wars. Many died defending this country. But the president continues his policy of deporting Latino/Mexican veterans and in some cases, ICE has detained US-born citizens veterans for deportation.

Working-class Latinos have historically created this nation’s wealth along with other working men and women of color. Surviving as second-class citizens throughout our history is nothing more than courageous. Let us not forget the historical fact that discrimination, lynchings, deportations, institutional racism, and voter suppression were a constant reminder that white privilege creates a separate and unequal society. Yet, we survived.

Studies by Cato scholars and other research data on immigrants indicate that a lot of data information does suggest that immigrants are less likely to be involved in crime.

Vote them out. Ya Basta!

The President and his Republican cohorts are intent on creating an atmosphere of fear, hate, and hostility toward people of color. This at a time when police and Immigration raids confront our sense of justice. Police authority continues to run unchecked with unrestrictive and intrusive police powers. The nation’s health care system as proven by the effects of the coronavirus is inadequate and the health system discriminates against people of color. Unemployment for Latinos continues to increase. And racist attitudes prevail throughout the entire administration of the president.

Arresting and placing immigrants; men, women, and children in cages is an injustice and an immoral action by this president. His allies are just as guilty as the president in supporting such injustice. Forcing senior citizens to accept the cutting of social security is meant to please Wall Street, hedge fund market investors, and the corporate elite. Letting senior citizens die is not an option in dealing with the now escalating pandemic. But the presidents and his officials push the ‘let them die and open up the economy’ policy. This is nothing more than a war on senior citizens. In the meantime, white supremacists and nazi collaborators rally around the president’s racist actions that blame immigrants; meaning all Latinos, for his failed national policies. The president must be defeated in November.

The time is now. Ya Basta!

According to the Pew Research Center, 32 million Hispanics will be eligible to vote in the 2020 elections. This will mark the first time Hispanics will be the largest racial or ethnic minority group in the electorate, accounting for slightly over 13% of eligible voters. Many Latino organizers and activists are devoting extremely long hours in mobilizing and organizing to develop an effective Latino get out the vote. Get out the vote is a primary focus especially when one considers that there has been an upswing of registration of young Latinos since the Geroge Floyd protest weeks ago.

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We are a community of voters/Somos una Comunidad de Votantes

Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic are on the minds of many people as we gear up for the November election. Campaigns that typically organize for mass gatherings, door-to-door, meet-and-greets, and close gatherings are no longer viable options unless one is immune to the data concerning the contact rate of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has turned campaigning strategy and tactics into a new reality. We must and should help to organize and mobilize for the 2020 elections whenever we can. We can work together to impact the 2020 elections.

Here is one small example of what some community people and their contacts have taken on while dealing with this concern of the pandemic. This is true, especially for Senior citizens and those holding tight to the In-shelter-recommendations. This small outreach approach is not, however, a program to substitute for a much wider and deep voter community outreach and campaign work.

5,3,2, Program

1. Get Five (5) neighbors to commit to registering to vote between now and the November election.

2. Get three (3) of your relatives to commit to voting in November.

3. Get (2) work associates or former associates if retired to commit to voting in November.

4. Begin thinking about a plan to get out the vote by reminding your contacts to vote.

Together, we can reclaim our Neighborhoods. We can change this country for the better. Accountability is up to all of us. It will be easy to just say "I can’t do this." The reality is that it must be done.

It’s time to vote them out. In the weeks and months to come, the voices from communities around the country will be heard “vote them out.” It will get louder and louder as November 5, 2020 approaches. But it is more than just a cry out from our community. It is a call to action. It is a call that we have the power. It is a call for the Latino community to vote out the president and take back the Senate. The time is now - El Tiempo es Ahora.


David Trujillo