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Covenant Medical Center Serves Central L.A.

by Dolores Nehemiah --
Every now and then we hear of the discovery of treasures of varied kinds. However, recently a group of Community Friends joined together to expose a well-kept secret right in the middle of our hood. It is a treasure hidden in plain sight at 6109 So. Crenshaw Blvd.


African American women are at highest risk of death from coronary disease. Heart disease is the #1 health problem for both women and men in the United States. And, if you have high cholesterol you may have twice the risk of heart disease. People who have high cholesterol often have no symptoms.

Cholesterol can build up. When too much cholesterol builds up, the blood can not flow freely through the arteries. When the arteries become blocked, blood flow to the heart and the brain is blocked. Likewise, it also follows that high blood pressure, hypertension, and diabetes cause major distress.

With the closure of medical clinics and hospitals in central Los Angeles, it is refreshing to learn of an oasis on Crenshaw. Although the Covenant Medical Center has operated on Crenshaw Boulevard since 1990, its owner, Donald R. Ware, M.D., has purchased a CT Scanner. This purchase is a welcomed addition to the other specialized equipment used at the Covenant Medical Center in the field of nuclear medicine.

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One of the missions of the Community Friends is to spread the word throughout the community of the availability of this one stop health care opportunity -- consultation, evaluation and recommended treatment can all happen at the one-stop facility -- Covenant Medical Center.

Please spread the word about this treasure hidden in plain sight and the benefit of preventative medicine. For ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, CALL Dolores S. Nehemiah at 323.758.4520 or the Covenant Medical Center at 323.750.5000.