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Hogtied and Dragged by Police

Hogtied and Dragged by Police

A video surfaced on YouTube that shows a person, who is hogtied, being dragged away by a police officer. The title and text accompanying the video suggests that the person in the video is Sandra Bland.

Turns out, the video is mislabeled. We don't know if the mislabeling was done intentionally but we thank several members of the Twitter community who pointed out the misrepresentation. 

For those unfamiliar with this story, Sandra Bland was a 28 yr old African American activist who was pulled over by Texas trooper Brian Encinia for failing to properly signal before making a lane change. Instead of this minor traffic violation being handled with a ticket, Encinia felt that Bland should be arrested and taken into custody. Three days later she was found dead in her jail cell -- the victim of an alleged suicide.

Given the extreme course of action taken by law enforcement in the Sandra Bland case, it wouldn't be unreasonable to believe that the mislabeled video (shown here) was, in fact, Sandra Bland. Which was our initial belief. We were wrong and we thank the readers who set the record straight.

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But now that we know that Sandra Bland is not the woman being abused in this video, should we stop caring? Should the actions taken by the law enforcement officer(s) in the video be any less troubling?

If this is the manner used to take a person into custody in any jurisdiction in the United States, shouldn't we be outraged?

Before embedding this video, we did not investigate its veracity. Although it looked authentic, we didn't know if what the video captured was staged or an actual arrest. At the time of the posting, we didn't know the source of the video.

We asked viewers, who are familiar with this case, to offer additional information in the comments section below.

Since then, a person provided a link to an article that verifies the authenticity of the video. It was, in fact, a video recording of an arrest conducted by the Tampa Police Department.

Thank you.