What Part of Rape “Victim” Don’t These Sociopaths Get?

Rape Victim Commits Suicide

Rehtaeh Parsons

Rehtaeh Parsons, a young Canadian woman, committed suicide. She committed suicide after being gang-raped, and after being forced to endure the inevitable “slut-shaming” and bullying that ensued following the pictures of her rape being scattered around the internet. She committed suicide because so-called friends abandoned her and no new ones stepped forward. She died because she – like so many other young rape victims – was surrounded by young men and women who acted like they were raised by wolves in a barn. Kids yucked it up, snickered and giggled and guffawed and made light of this young woman’s violation, all while Ms. Parsons’ life, full of misery and pain and despair, was ultimately too much to bear – and she ended it.

There is a remarkably simple solution to this kind of abuse heaped upon a young victim of a violent crime: Arrest them all. Every person who tweeted or posted a picture on Facebook or Instagram, everyone who sent a text message or an email, or had any inside knowledge at all of this crime (or others like it) should be arrested and charged with . . . whatever. Criminal conspiracy, failure to report a crime, being a psychopathic idiot.


I don’t much care what the charge is; what I do care about is that these young people, whose parents never taught them morals or compassion or what being a victim means, should have to learn the hard way – behind bars. Oh, and yeah – throw their parents in there with them. And I’d also be cool with teachers and school counselors and administrators, who look the other way while kids are being mercilessly bullied, copping a squat in adjoining cells.

The job isn’t getting done on the local level; nobody, apparently, is addressing these amoral young people who find violent crimes against women amusing. It took the hacker group with a social conscience, Anonymous, to bring the Steubenville rapists to justice, and Anonymous has become involved again, vowing to bring “justice” to this case. In a statement addressed to the Nova Scotia Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Anonymous wrote, “We do not approve of vigilante justice as the media claims . . . That would mean we approve of violent actions against these rapists at the hands of an unruly mob. What we want is justice. And [t]hat’s your job. So do it.” Anonymous says it plans to release the names of the alleged rapists if law enforcement won’t, in fact, do its job.

julie driscollSo are we taking bullying and harassment seriously yet? Did Steubenville clue us in? Is this Canadian case a wake-up call? How about the Georgia boy, the 13-year-old, who was bullied mercilessly after alerting the school that a classmate was threatening to harm a teacher with a knife? After months of being called a “snitch,” harassed and bullied, a 13-year-old boy hung himself. Did you get that? 13 years old.

Rehtaeh Parsons and this young boy from Georgia, and who knows how many others, died because of sociopathic classmates, parents who have taught them nothing, and schools that don’t care.

Throw their young asses into a prison cell, and let the learning curve begin.

Julie Driscoll
Smoking Hot Politics

Thursday, 11 April 2013


  1. Zwarich says

    Ms. Driscoll is often a very thoughtful commentator, but this descends into the gutter of angry reactionary mindlessness. We have come to expect this from the primitives on the right wing, but it is disturbing when it comes from someone who regards herself as ‘progressive’.

    Throw 13 year old children, and their parents, and their school administrators, into prison? Really? Never mind the charges, (Ms. Driscoll says), or any of the mumbo-jumbo legal niceties, (like freedom of speech issues, perhaps?) If they post anything that Ms. Driscoll deems offensive or insensitive to women, just throw them all into prison, (and their parents, and their school administrators).

    Ms. Driscoll is treating a complex social problem with a simplistic sledge hammer. We, as a society, have clearly failed our children. And now we should throw them in prison?

    C’mom Ms. Driscoll, (and Mr. Degan). Surely we can do a lot better than this.

    R Zwarich

    • dusty says

      R. Zwarich, you offer quite a bit of cover for rapists and supporters of rape who post to social media in the defense of free speech but I don’t see any solutions you suggest to the problem of the emergence of rapist self documented social media posts so I feel compelled to ask if you consider rape and bullying acceptable social behavior? Have you any children who may be raped and/or bullied and have you thought about the effect on them if they should be and it is posted by someone wanting to share incidences on social media? These are serious questions and I shall look for your answer to them. Perhaps there are better solutions than the “gutter of angry reactionary mindlessness” suggestions of Ms.Driscoll that we can all support.

      • Zwarich says

        Thanks for your comments, Dusty. I was making a short commentary concerning Ms. Driscoll’s over-the-top suggestion that we should throw miscreant children, and their parents, and their school administrators, in prison. I was not attempting to treat this complex subject myself. Just to describe it adequately would take thousands of words, and the ‘comments’ section attached to a published article does not seem like the right venue to launch into this.

        I do not pretend to know the solution to this intractable problem, but I feel very certain that throwing children in prison isn’t it, (or any part of it). If we only look for some ‘quick and easy’ answers, (like “throw ’em all in prison”), it doesn’t seem likely to me that we are going to make much headway toward a real solution. Ad I pointed out, bombastic simplicity is a characteristic of many people on the right. It seems to me that progressives surely must accept the responsibility to be more deeply thoughtful as we propose to make ‘progress’ toward a more just society.

        Your question as to whether I consider rape and bullying acceptable social behavior is so absurdly extreme that it hardly deserves an answer. (C’mon, Dusty. Sheesh). I was not suggesting that ‘freedom of speech’ should provide a cover for bullying behavior, but undertaking to actually imprison people, (even children), for what they have said, (as Ms. Driscoll suggested we should), would clearly raise freedom of speech issues.

        I have raised three daughters of my own, and I now have two granddaughters and three grandsons. I managed well enough parenting my own children, guiding them through the confusing labyrinth of our sick culture, into what is thus far a reasonably successful and happy adulthood for all of them, but I am ever more concerned for my grandchildren’s future as they will have to sort their way through a culture that just seems to become more pathological all the time.

        My oldest daughter wrote her senior thesis at Stanford concerning these complex gender issue and sexual behavior questions, and she and I have spent many an hour discussing this. I wish that you and I had the opportunity to discuss this in more depth. My guess is that we probably agree substantially across a broad spectrum of this subject.

        Best to you,


        • dusty says

          I didn’t really believe in my heart that you accepted bullying and rape but the subject made me so angry that I let good sense fall a bit behind (and I am a free speech supporter). When my grand daughter was a sophomore or so in high school three miscreants tore her clothes off in the hallway at the school and ever since then this issue has made me a little irrational. It was lucky for the three young men that they were caught before I could get to where she lives and find them. Sorry for any pain or anger I inflicted.

  2. TomDegan says

    Thank you for this, Julie Driscoll. There is no excuse for what these people did. I refuse to refer to them as “kids”. The threshold of being old enough to know better is not a terribly difficult one to reach. Thank you for making me aware.

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