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  1. Oprah and Palin should be able to like whoever they want to like, too bad public scrutiny makes such a decision more complicated for them than it otherwise would be for an average person

  2. “What puzzles me is why any woman of color would ever think that white women’s agendas include them.”

    Puleeze. White women and AA women have so much in common w.r.t the major issues we face today: the economy, war, birth control, education, familiy, taxes, etc., etc.

    Let’s get past our differences and focus on our shared needs and goals. It’s time to work together for all of our benefit.

  3. Every time Palin opens her mouth she lies or says something really offensive.

    Oprah’s show is NOT government funded. She has absolutely NOT obligation to give Palin “Equal Time”.

    After all, when Obama beat Hillary, Palin said: “So Sambo beat the bitch?”

    And now, Palin is refusing to cooperate with the “Troopergate” investigation, claiming it is partisan since it is led by a Democrat partial to Obama. While this is true, Plain fails to mention that the MAJORITY of the people in the investigation team are REPUBLICANS.

  4. Only the shallow and bitter would be swayed by this recent “flap.” We give celebrities too much of our energy and too much credibility and they should not be the reason why we vote for or against a candidate whose views we believe in. The Oprah show is not a news broadcast where it is required that she give equal time to all the issues. It is entertainment that may enlighten or inform, but it is not the end-all source for people to make thoughtful decisions. The Palin issue has become a hotbed of trash talk, and I believe Oprah has a right not to follow suit.

    • A big AMEN to that comment by JuliaH. Who cares about some racist comment concerning Oprah and her money. Since when do racist dictate who will appear on a talk show hosts of Oprah’s caliber and just as always issuing threats about “the money”. It was very telling to see that a minister (Rev.) would insist that Oprah have anyone on her self made talk show that she doesn’t want to have particularly since it is in opposition to her chosen candidate. Simply put, it is her show and she damn well put her money where her mouth is and where she will ultimately and most assuredly reap the benefits.

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