Reader Feedback: Behaving Like a Human Being, Complete with Foibles

reader-feedbackWeekly the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Stephanie, commenting on His First 100 Days.

Stephanie writers:

“I think Obama has been behaving like a human being, complete with foibles. For the time being, it is just such a relief to be able to listen to our president without cringing. On the other hand, he is not so slick that I mistrust him as I did Clinton.

Obama has been incredibly active in his first 100 days. The alternative for him was to act with greater deliberation and/or do nothing, but that was not really an option, given how the corporate thieves had already brought us to the brink of collapse. He has surrounded himself with the people that he thought to be the best qualified and best situated given the dire circumstances, even though some of them were originally part of the problem. While he works to avoid complete financial meltdown, he has still found the time to demonstrate that he is attentive to other concerns, healthcare and foreign relations for example. Sure, I prefer a single payer healthcare plan to Obama’s proposal, and I want our military to immediately cease using unmanned drones to kill people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. But I realize that real change, even personal change, takes time. I think Obama is steering us in a generally more positive direction, and we have to keep the pressure on.

I am glad that we are demanding more of our president and can have confidence that we finally elected one that is up to the task.

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