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March 24 to April 1

1. Trayvon Martin: White Picket Fences, White Innocence. Sikivu Hutchinson: Fifty-seven years after Emmett Till was lynched in the name of white womanhood, the murder of Trayvon Martin—a beautiful son, friend, and prospective college student—is yet another testament to the terror of white picket fence innocence.

2. Obamacare Killing Bottom Line. Clifford Tasner: Heavens! Young people can be covered under Obamacare by their parents plush policies until they're 26. Cossetting the young isn't going to help them learn that the world is a harsh place.

3. Healthcare Jujitsu. Robert Reich: With a bit of political jujitsu, the President could turn any such defeat at the Supreme Court into a victory for a single-payer healthcare system – Medicare for all.

4. Occupy Fights Foreclosure Fighting to Save Defrauded Family's Home. Cheryl Aischele: Occupy Fights Foreclosures (OFF), a sub-committee of Occupy LA, joined neighbors in the South Adams community to help a widow who fell victim to foreclosure fraud by at least three companies.

5. Trayvon Martin's Murder: Memories of a Block Captain. Mark Naison: George Zimmerman is clearly a sick, tormented man, but that his neighbors put him in that position suggests deep-seated problems on their part as well.

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robert bales

Staff Sergeant Robert "Bobby" Bales

6. They Hate Us for Our (Reproductive) Freedom. Kathleen Peine: The barrage of late, regarding reproductive legislation shouldn’t be viewed as an assault only on women, but an attempt to curtail and contain the entire population, men included.

7. Seeking Unity Across Sex, Race & Class. Diane Lefer: A the Teach-In, "Sex, Race & Class: What Are the Terms of Unity?" on Saturday, March 24 at the Southern California Library in South LA, Selma James drew on decades of organizing experience to talk about how to bridge the divide among the different sectors that make up the 99%.

8. Prison Realignment or Expensive Musical Chairs. Sharon Kyle: Given the public's short attention span, it's no wonder juicy celebrity gossip and salacious headlines have come to dominate the "news". This is great for those who don't want us to pay attention.

9. Taking Responsibility for Killers Among Us. Dick Price: We can surely guess that you, me, and our neighbors down the street are not likely to shoulder any part of the responsibility ourselves. No, we'll focus our attention on these two bad seeds, these misfits perpetrating unthinkable crimes, these alien beings so unlike us.

10. ACLU: More Jails or Better Sentencing? Dick Price & Sharon Kyle: California's 58 counties must deal with a sudden influx of newly released state prison inmates, straining their jails and requiring innovative sentencing and supervisory programs.