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You'll note that women writers took the top three spots this week -- led off by Sikivu Hutchinson's fine examination of the recent Planned Parenthood attack. And they also took five of the top 10.

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Why is that noteworthy? Because the women who contribute their work to LA Progressive routinely write marvelously, but often much less frequently than our male writers. So it's good to see their work visibly acknowledged this week.

Please check out any of these articles you might have missed and share with your friends.

Dick Price & Sharon Kyle
LA Progressive Editor & Publisher

10 Most Read LA Progressive Articles


1. Onward White Christian Terrorists. Sikivu Hutchinson: Although no one was injured in the attack, the fascist demonization of Planned Parenthood by inciters like Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney continues to put women’s lives in the line of fire; in an era of vanishing clinics and mounting violence.

2. Latino Youth Vote: Bad News and Good. Victoria Defrancesco Soto: Political participation among young Latinos is being made cool by groups such as VotoLatino with voter registration booths at Romeo Santos bachata concerts and free downloads of music from artists such as Pitbull.

3. ICE Deported 46,000 Immigrants with U.S. Citizen Children Last Year. Michele Waslin: The impact of the deportation of a parent can be devastating for kids and their parents. It can also be expensive for taxpayers.

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4. Bend Over America: Supreme Court OK's Strip Searches. Andy Love: Earlier this week, in a -- say it with me -- "5-4 decision," the United States Supreme Court held that corrections officials may strip search people who are arrested for all offenses, including those not involving drugs or violence, and without any suspicion that they may be hiding contraband.

5. Duped By the Freedom Ploy. Charles Hayes: Any country that cannot generate enough goodwill to see that everyone has access to adequate medical care should be embarrassed to refer to itself as the greatest country on earth.

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6. Republicans Have No Foreign Policy. Steve Hochstadt: These guys are not talking to Jews. They are talking about Israel to their base, where Jews are few and far between. Israel for them is just another weapon in their war against Obama. And everyone in Jerusalem knows it.

7. Trayvon Martin: When Fear and Hostility Drive Public Policy. Sharon Kyle: At a minimum, let's hope the Trayvon Martin tragedy -- like the Emmett Till tragedy years ago -- puts a spotlight on the danger of allowing fear and hostility to drive social policy.

8. Socialism: A GOP Plan Signed by Obama. Tina Dupuy: Is it perfect? No. Could it be improved? Absolutely. However, ObamaCare is the opposite of socialism, it’s a market solution.

9. What Today’s Job Numbers Mean. Robert Reich: We’ll avoid a double-dip, but the most likely scenario in coming months is a continuation of the same – an anemic jobs recovery.

10. Welcome to the 2012 Hunger Games. Rob Tossberg: The odds are 99 to 1 you and I are the schmucks, working for scraps while the 1% take a pound of our flesh and look forward to eating our young.