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This week, we welcome a new writer to the fold, lawyer and educator Sheria Reid, whose debut article, "The Problem with White Guilt," landed in the second spot behind Julie Discoll's discussion of reports of neo-Nazis showing their grotesque colors in Sanford, Florida, the site of the Trayvon Martin shooting.


Triggered as well by the Trayvon Martin shooting and police investigation only nationwide media pressure got moving, Sheria's article debunks much of the notion that we live in a post-racial society. We look forward to publishing more of Sheria's work.

Dick Price & Sharon Kyle
Editor & Publisher, LA Progressive

10 Most Read LA Progressive Articles
April 7 to 14, 2012

1. Armed Neo-Nazis Patrolling Sanford, Florida. Julie Driscoll: The National Socialist Movement has decided to make Sanford, Florida, its new project in its quest to protect the oppressed white race from uppity, loud, angry, hostile, violent, murderous, thuggish black people.

2. The Problem with White Guilt. Sheria Reid: I'm tired of the generalization on the part of far too many white people that they have somehow borne and continue to bear the great burden of white guilt and that they've been treated so unfairly.

3. Education Reformers and "The New Jim Crow." Mark Naison: Current school reform policies represent a brilliant tactic to avoid dealing with the real causes of poverty and inequality in society, while finding a convenient scapegoat in public school teachers and their unions.

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4. Fracking: Why Doctors Can't Tell You the Truth About Health Risks. Kathleen Peine: The legislated ignorance is rapidly emerging to keep our public in the dark as anything and everything is tried to cover for the corporate coup that has already taken place.....well, that and to protect against those pesky lawsuits! ‎

5. GOP Crazy Makers. Jerry Drucker: Thank God for the wise and courageous voters of Wisconsin for showing the rest of us how to save our nation. Also great thanks to the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the 99%. Let's continue revolting peacefully.

6. Why Republicans Need a War on Religion. Tina Dupuy: Republicans botched their war on religion with the word “slut.” Oh and by proposing laws against women getting equal pay, and a right to privacy or recourse if a doctor lies to them.

7. How Do We Improve Public Schools? Elizabeth Walters: I believe that the education that can be received in public schools is the heart of the American dream.I believe that instead of starving those schools, we should work to improve them.

8. Obama and the Supreme Court: Spare Me the Self-Righteousness. Berry Craig: Right on cue, GOP grandees have chorused that the president was “threatening,” “intimidating” and “bullying” the Republican-majority high court with his recent comments.

9. Beyond Outrage. Robert Reich: I have never been as concerned as I am now about the future of our democracy, the corrupting effects of big money in our politics, the stridency and demagoguery of the regressive right, and the accumulation of wealth and power at the very top.

10. Black Mathematicians: The Kind of Problems They Wish Didn't Need Solving. Jonathan Farley: The National Review's John Derbyshire pointed out that no black mathematician had ever won the Fields medal. There are a few reasons for that.