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Top 12 Most Read Articles -- June 15-23, 2012

David Love's "Low Information White Working Class Voters Will Be Our Undoing," led the pack, followed by Karen Finney's "Neil Munro’s Incivility"

1. These Low Information White Working Class Voters Will Be Our Undoing. David Love: Faced with hard times, people have clear choices. Either they join forces across racial and ethnic lines and fight their common adversary, or they double down on the dumbness, thrive on misinformation and assign scapegoats.

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2. Neil Munro’s Incivility . Karen Finney: Rather than helping to further understanding about the policy being announced, Munro engaged in exactly the kind of provocative-for-the-sake-of-it “journalism” that cheapens our national debate on important issues.

3. Unnamed Sources: Clintons Green-Light Chelsea '32 Presidential Bid. Michael Sigman: FOCs (friends of Chelsea) Dave and Will, who spoke on the record but withheld their last names, verified the Beltway buzz that the vetting process for Chelsea's running mate has begun in earnest.

4. Culver City to the Inglewood Oil Fields: Ban Fracking! Diane Lefer: If the seven planned meetings help build a movement, the voices of so many citizens may help the legislature and governor find the political will to resist oil industry demands.

5. Like Burning Rivers and Bursting Pipelines, Tea Party Will Dump Problems on Public. Tom Hall: This third week of June provides some interesting history, in the context of the current Tea Party Republican efforts to return America to some disneyfied fantasy about what we used to be.

6. Gimme Shelter. Charley James: I’ll never forget the eyes of the men with whom I’d be spending the night. The blank stares on some, the hollow look in others, those that were wary and weary, those that revealed fear bordering on terror, a few reflected hatred of who knows what.

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7. Two Notions of Truth: My Sunday School vs. My Public School. Robert Fuller: Science cited facts, made predictions, and tolerated dissent. In contrast, religion invoked scripture, urged faith, and required conformity. Science said, “Doubt me.” Religion said, “Trust me.”

8. Los Angeles Teachers: A Solomon's Choice. Vivian Rothstein: By refusing to raise property, we’ve left it to the teachers to volunteer for the sacrifices the rest of us are not willing to make for the welfare of our state’s public school children.

9. Fox News: The Unembarrassable Network. Berry Craig: The folks at Fox aren’t real newshounds. They’re rabble-rousing hacks in the tradition of the country's old-time partisan press.

10. Why the Senate Won’t Touch Jamie Dimon. Ellen Brown: Interest rate swaps are now over 80 percent of the massive derivatives market, and JPMorgan holds about $57.5 trillion of them.

11. Obama: People Respond to Political Conviction. Dick Price: Obama showed conviction with his stances on marriage equality and justice for DREAMers -- and that has paid off. We can only pray for more of the same.

12. Romney Gaffe: Relax, ‘Mitt,’ Just Be Yourself. Tina Dupuy: Mitt Romney’s off-the-cuff comments are starting to seem like Barack Obama’s bowling: Not good. Kind of spectacularly bad. Kitsch on a kind day.