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A Comment Submitted by "Dixie Dawg"

Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment that was submitted in response to Sharon Kyle's piece, "Six Degrees". The writer goes by the moniker "Dixie Dawg". Here's Dixie ---


A comment by Dixie Dawg

Excellent article, Sharon! You’re absolutely right in that we, the American people, are as much to blame for the mess in this country as any politician. For starters, it is the American people who vote incompetent people into office without thoroughly researching their credentials and experience. Secondly, people become so “enthralled” with the latest political celebrity that they can’t see beyond the lights and cameras.

How do I know this? ? Try to share an opinion on a particular candidate that doesn’t quite line up with someone else’s opinion, and see where you end up. It’s a shame because it lines up with three things that have happened in the past few decades:

1. Freedom of speech is slowly losing ground in this country and the electorate does not realize that when they “go on a rant” against someone’s political bias, that they are actually suppressing the right that the U. S. Constitution gave to us. What we don’t see today is intellectual and thoroughly researched political debate. People are not allowed to share their thought processes on an election or on a candidate. Someone who doesn’t agree immediately “shouts them down” like a wild person.

2. The American population has bought into the “concept of celebrity” forced upon us by the American media. We now see commentators who are angry, loud, rude, obnoxious and just plain egotistical. Most of them will not allow a guest on their show to fully explain their viewpoints or give them time to make a point. The arrogant host or commentator has to “butt in” and make sure his point is well-taken.

3. The desire for money, power and material things has overruled the good judgement of the American people. Every day, there is a new self-help book about how we can become richer, more powerful and get more stuff. Each new millionaire guru tries to convince us why we don’t have enough and then attempts to place guilt on those who are actually satisfied with their nice, normal family life.

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To reiterate, money, power, greed and celebrity have taken first place over common sense, family values and the willingness to be content with what you have. This one statement explains why Wall Street is in an economic quagmire with the many multi-billion companies teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. People retained mortgages they couldn’t afford, purchased designer cars they didn’t need and bought into the concept that “more is better”. More is not better if you can’t afford it. Today’s population doesn’t believe in buying what you can afford or waiting until you can afford it. It’s a “I’ve gotta have it now” mentality that has permeated the very fabric of the American populace. …….Can’t Wait…….Gotta Be the First One in Line………..The “Me” Generation has systematically destroyed this great country; consequently, many of today’s politicans are a vibrant part of the “Me” Generation. Who cares who it hurts or what it costs? It’s all about “Me”. Who cares that this country will be in debt until the next millenium……….Who cares?

So, until the population wakes up and smells the coffee, votes these repeat offenders out of office and makes an attempt to adjust their lifestyle to one of common sense and prudent spending, we’ll just continue to see more of the same, over and over again.

People who are money, power and celebrity-driven do not operate with the same agenda that a person who is prudent in their spending, well-read on political issues and willing to stay out of the spotlight. People who operate on a “common sense” approach to life are just different people and these are the ones who built this great country. They got up every morning, went to do an honest day’s work, came home, had dinner with their family, went to bed and got back up to do it all again.

They didn’t buy houses they couldn’t afford and people in the family shared a car until they could afford another one. They went to church on Sunday, actually saw the importance of celebrating family events and respected God, the American Flag and the U. S. Constitution. They knew and understood the importance of freedom and helping your neighbor. The Bible wasn’t considered offensive and politicians didn’t try to destroy everything this country was built upon.

People didn’t go to work with the mentality to “mow down your co-worker” to get to the top of the ladder. They felt successful if they did an honest days work and had money to buy groceries, pay the mortgage and have a little left over to put in the bank.

Today’s success is defined in a whole new way. “Disrespect your co-workers”, “sleep with your boss”, “spy on your neighbor”, “pad the books” and do whatever it takes to get to that six-figure income and mansion on the hill. Again, who cares who you hurt or knock down along the way. You got what you want and you oughta be proud of yourself.

Until people have a “change of heart” and define their lives in terms of faith in God, family, hard work, and helping people as opposed to money, power and material possessions, nothing will change and corrupt politicians will stay in office. American life as we long knew it - is gone and I’m afraid this time, it’s gone for good.