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Each week, LA Progressive’s editors pick what they regard as a particularly insightful comment from one of our readers, both to draw attention to one particular reader’s thoughts and to encourage more readers to weigh in with their opinions. This week’s pithy "Feedback Friday" response comes from Dusty Stewart, who commented on the article by John Peeler, "The Caravan: Direct Consequence of US Policies"

Colonial capitalism and dictatorship is what this is all about. Colonialist powers such as the nondemocratic USA steal the wealth produced by the workers in colonized countries and kill any leaders who attempt to end capitalism and colonialism. Since the wealth of their countries are in USA hands or the hands of the thugs the US picks as the colonial rulers the working class have to leave for the US in the hope of finding the resources necessary for their families to survive.

This colonial capitalist expropriation and exploitation has been true for centuries across the world: Africa, Asia, South American, North America [first the indigenous were killed and the “European settlers” were the subjects of the British Crown until “independence” and then the newly freed Americans continued to exploit and steal the wealth of the indigenous peoples in the USA.

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Meanwhile the US and the Europeans continued to steal the wealth of the Central and South American indigenous peoples, the island peoples etc bringing poverty to them. The USA supports capitalist dictators as a matter of habit and policy in the name of “security for the US”, which means securing and maintaining the dictatorship of US business and corporations in foreign countries, by our military forces.