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Each Friday, LA Progressive presents a comment we editors find to be most profound, insightful, unusual, or even annoying– we then highlight the comment in an effort to bring attention to the broad range of positions taken by our readers. This week, Kezia Jauron commented twice on Jasmyne Cannick’s article, "Chick-Fil-A: Gays Can Be Bullies, Too".

friday feedback

Well, this got my attention – and then enraged me (as a non-black woman married to a man). First, is she saying do nothing because you can’t do everything? Not much that’s progressive about that.

Second, since when is a nonviolent tactic like a protest a “bully-like demonstration?” Forgive me but it sounds like someone has been co-opted by the oppressor. If anyone is doing the bullying, it’s the corporate chiefs and the hate groups they’re funding that want to keep gays and lesbians less than full members of this nation in the name of their religion.

Third, she not only defends that company executives’ right to support hate groups, she considers it equal to the consumer’s right not to support the company by eating there. (I suppose she agrees that corporations are people too.) These are hardly equal. Gays and lesbians are not trying to invalidate or criminalize their marriages/relationships – not even the “Gay mafia,” as she calls it, is trying to do that. The hate groups that are receiving his largess are actively engaged in campaigns, here and outside the U.S., to make same-sex relationships illegal and endorse violence against those who engage in them. To say this is about gay marriage – a privilege of first-world householders – is missing a very key point.
I acknowledge her bitter disdain for the “inferior copycat” gay rights movement dominated by white (and male) voices – that’s a shame. If only there was a black lesbian with political savvy and a fresh voice who could possibly make a difference in the movement…oh well. I guess there isn’t.

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Furthermore, and I hesitate to bring this into the discussion because I doubt Jassmyne has anything but further disdain for the animal rights mafia, but:

We are talking about a fast food company, part of a violent industry that exploits and kills billions of individuals annually. In terms of numbers/lives, the modern food industry is the most violent in history (from a position of non-speciesism, of course).

Industries of violence and exploitation such as fast food have no moral compass; it should surprise no one that the company engages in other forms of oppression. And as in all other social justice movements, some degree of militant, civilly disobedient tactics are necessary in this struggle – even if they may make you temporarily uncomfortable or make you feel bullied.