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Each week, LA Progressive’s editors pick what they regard as a particularly insightful comment from one of our readers, both to draw attention to one particular reader’s thoughts and to encourage more readers to weigh in with their opinions. This week’s pithy "Feedback Friday" response comes from Jack Dresser who commented on the article by Melina Abdullah, "#BlackLivesMatter’s Mass March for Justice Disrupts White Capitalism at Hollywood & Highland."

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Quoting Chris Hedges, “The Democratic Party must maintain the fiction of liberalism just as the Republican Party must maintain the fiction of conservatism. These two parties, however, belong to one party—the corporate party. They will work in concert, as seen by the alliance between Republican leaders such as McCain and Democratic leaders such as Sen. Chuck Schumer, to get rid of Trump, silence all dissent, enrich the war industry and promote the farce they call democracy.”

A strong third party could defeat our corrupt, murderous, psychopathic duopoly, but not as long as dissent is scattered and diluted.

Even with media-limited facts, this ugly truth and its masks are intuitively or explicitly recognized by a large percent of the US public. Three in four survey respondents trust neither the government nor the media. More Americans identify as independent than with either head of the American Empire hydra. A strong third party could defeat our corrupt, murderous, psychopathic duopoly, but not as long as dissent is scattered and diluted. I urge M4BL to join in establishing a COALITION 3rd party together with, inter alia: the Green Party;; Medicare for All; VFP, IVAW and other anti-war organizations; AIM; JVP; Our Revolution “Berniecrats”; the American Studies Assn; and the Change to Win labor unions federation with promotion of the Mondragon cooperatives model.

Uruguay provides an emulatable model, where the Tupamoros former guerilla movement – after release from prison – formed the Broad Front (Frente Amplio) coalition for national offices, which wrested control from their previous long-dominant duopoly (still operating but not winning) and have prevailed for a decade and a half, producing the arguably most successful, stable progressive state in Latin America including a mixed economic system. Member organizations can continue their separate areas of concentrated interest, but widely agree on key objectives. I envision No More War as the central uniting objective, since everything else citizens want can be funded with reductions from the bloated Pentagon and security/surveillance state agency budgets, in addition to restoration of a moral national identity.

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If Bernie is not nominated by the Dems, at his age this would be his last chance and I suspect he would accept nomination by the STRONG 3rd party that such a coalition would create. He’s not a perfect candidate, especially on foreign policy, but he can beat Trump and anyone the Dems can throw into the ring. He would have to oppose our wars to become our candidate. Since the Deep State would go after him with no holds barred it would have to be exposed and defeated by an arising public demanding transformational change. I think such a latent public exists now and could magnetize many more who remain dazed and confused at the moment.