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Each Friday, LA Progressive presents a comment we editors find to be most profound, insightful, unusual, or even annoying– we then highlight the comment in an effort to bring attention to the broad range of positions taken by our readers. This week, a reader named David commented on Jasmyne Cannick’s article, "Breaking Silence on New Face of Employment Discrimination".

friday feedback

Odd that this post was published by a progressive and presumably enlightened site catering to an educated audience. There are so many ignorant statements in this article that I can only assume no one bothered to read it prior to posting. I will point out only one major flaw. Cannick assumes that African-Americans came well before Latinos and that, therefore, valuing bilingualism in order to better serve the latter is an affront and unfair to the former. But do you realize, Ms. Cannick, that California was a Spanish colony well before Anglos and African Americans arrived? That Spanish was the "official" language well before English displaced it? That the names California and Los Angeles themselves are evidence of Spanish primacy? I'll stop there. But, wow.

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