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Friday Feedback: Seeking Unity

Friday Feedback: This week, Jim H. comments on Diane Lefer's "Seeking Unity Across Sex, Race & Class" and then Diane responds.

Each Friday, LA Progressive presents a comment we editors find to be most profound, insightful, or just plain unusual -- we then highlight the comment in an effort to bring attention to the broad range of positions taken by our readers. This week, go99ers reacts to Diane Lefer's "Seeking Unity Across Sex, Race & Class"

friday feedback

Jim H. comments:

This is an excellent article !

However I believe our issues go much farther than the rights of nationalities or the amount of pay someone is receiving. We're facing a time when money or who's making the most isn't going to be the center of our problems it will be life and death! We need to be looking for ways to survive the coming world hardships that won't look like a person but financial distress that will effect everyone whether rich or poor.

Being A.A. I've seen the struggle from every side and I've felt the pain from other nationalities that were mistreated in their countries but come to america only to diss A.A's and other american women... Arriving here starting businesses getting educated while the american people struggle just trying to get financing. This message isn't meant to single out any group, but once you package the deal by standing up for any group you are placing the good with the bad.

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sheila nichols

I am sure you want to help everyone ! But a free ride just because of nationality or gender simply is wrong. Many people have lost their homes and jobs with nationality having nothing to do with it !

But my feelings is we should live within our means and learn more than one position at work.. Many people will work on the same job for 30 years and never attempt to learn any thing else ( don't blame the unions ) Never put all your eggs in one basket....

Diane Lefer responds:

Excellent points, Jim! What interests me about the Wages for Housework campaign is the way it succeeds in making allies of people who are often diametrically--even angrily--opposed to one another. Yes, we face tremendous problems now in the world and so we have to learn to work together instead of each group advancing only its own interests. We have common interests. As for this specific group--homemakers--they aren't asking for a "free ride." They are saying that they do valuable work and would like it to be recognized as labor.