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Friday Feedback: Allan Comments on “McCain: Unbalanced, Unglued, and Unfit"

Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment that was submitted in response to "McCain: Unbalanced, Unglued, and Unfit," by Charley James. Here's Allan's comment:


"Scary thought, or frightening reality?

I’ll go with the latter. And this is why:

My father was a POW of the Germans during WW2. As an American fighter pilot over France following D-Day, his P-47 Thunderbolt was shot down while he was strafing an armored brigade. He was severely brutalized, and would have been executed, if not for a Jewish doctor who said he must be turned over to the Gestapo in Paris for interrogation.

He was tortured by the Gestapo for two weeks and left for dead one night as they fled Paris to avoid Patton’s forces and the free French troops with Patton who were extracting their full measure of revenge.

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He was never really in charge of his anger the rest of his life, and was declared 50%disabled by PTSD by the VA. His behavior for most of my memory hinged between totally inexplicably erratic actions or a detachment from reality that could only be described as “other-worldly”.

But he came across to almost everyone outside his immediate family as controlled, fun, warm, and with a fair degree of charm - but it was all an act of extraordinary scope. His saving grace was his very large inheritance.

When he died he virtually left my Mother penniless. It was a very sad story.

And nobody reminds me more of him than John McCain.

Maybe it is part and parcel of the fighter pilot mentality, or the mistreatment at capture, but I’d prefer not to find out the hard way…. so we damn sure better keep old John out of the White House.

The failure to heed a clear warning often has dire consequenceses for all."