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Friday Feedback: Beth Comments on "Edwards the Confessor vs. McCain's Ongoing Philandering"

Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment that was submitted in response to "Edwards the Confessor vs. McCain's Ongoing Philandering," by Charlie James.. Here's Beth's comment:


I was born in Washington DC, and have lived within 10 miles of the White House, across the Potomac River in Northern Va all my life.

This area is the bedroom community of most of the Senators, Congress, Supreme Court Justices, all the Government and White House workers, and some former Presidents for a while.

My parents were VERY active in politics, and when I became a teenager, seeing all the dinner parties, fundraisers, and listening to a lot of these officials, I decided never to work on the Hill, White House or any Federal agency.

Seeing the real side of the political wheeling and dealing, which many on the Hill enjoy, and the “flyer pilot” seat of your pants attitude, that others besides McCain express in private life, made me a cynic at an early age.

The truth is MOST of the elected men have fooled around on their wives once they get to this town, many stretch the truth more then they ever have in their lives to “protect” the President, the Senator, the Congressman, the judge, etc.

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It is a strange town, not as dull as sometimes one would be led to believe. Ugly men that could not score a date much less sex in Podunk, now have power, and they take advantage of their position.

I have lost most respect for the majority of lobbyists,CEO’s, Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents in this town. They are more concerned about their “egos” then running the country right.

The one thing that does amaze me, is how the media gives most a “pass” on any sexual hanky panky. A guy is cheating on his wife and it is kept under wraps, a “private” matter.

I don’t agree. I have seen these guys close up. I would not want to be McCains wife or mistress or have him run my country, he lives too much on the edge and takes too many risks……

Many people who live here know what is going on. But we don’t want any problems by opening our mouths.

People outside this area wonder why it takes the National Enguirer to break these few stories. Even they should be looking over their shoulders.

I am probably voting for Obama, if I don’t vote for Nader. Those two guys are innocents compared to McCain.