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Friday Feedback: Idiot Responds

Fridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Robert Illes responding to comments on his article, Obama, Never Mind FDR, How about JKP?, by Ianam.


Here's Robert's comment:

Idiot responds: The point of the article was that Polk, the only President in history who didn’t desire a second term – on purpose not because the polls were against him – was focused on an agenda that a majority of the American people of the times mostly liked, (like NOW!), and got all of the things on that agenda done.

He didn’t compromise, although he was a master politician. I didn’t say his particular agenda was fabulous, but he was a man of his times. And PS Congress DID declare war on Mexico, in 1846 after, as I said, perhaps a trumped up rationale on the part of Mr. Polk (who indeed asked for the declaration). So Polk “went to war” in the sense that Wilson and FDR went to war. I happen to be anti-war, so that wasn’t the crux of the piece.

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The notation about gold being discovered in California is to underscore an era of good feeling about things happening – again, however misplaced, in the context of those times. I could’ve just said “hey Barack, pretend it’s your only term, and thrash ahead with your peace agenda, your anti-global warming agenda, your health insurance for all agenda and don’t listen to Glen Beck, Joe Lieberman, or even Harry Reid or Rahm Emmanuel”, and not tried to put it in some historical context. Thanks for your response.