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Friday Feedback: Linda Sutton's Comments on "Prop 8: Apportioning Blame & Fighting Back"

Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment that submitted by Linda Sutton in response to “Prop 8: Apportioning Blame & Fighting Back,” by Natalie Davis.


Here’s Linda’s comment:

Personally, I think we need to be pointing toward the so-called “low-information” voters who make up a much larger part of our electorate than we like to think. How many people did you hear wondering about how to vote on the props in the last few days? All of them not bothering to look any further than MAYBE their little ballot summaries, or maybe not even that. WAY too many people just soak up all the lies rampant in the TV ads that are their main source of, well, misinformation. They vote emotionally and are slammed into place by fears and delusions. No thought. No critical thinking. No recognition of what is propaganda.

In addition, there’s the issue of total ignorance…those who still think that being gay is somehow a “choice.” Having spoken before one of the African-American churches in the valley on one of the other props, I was exposed to this line of “reasoning” in their nifty little powerpoint that summarized the “yes” and “no” sides. In it they listed the belief that race is not a choice but being gay is. Perpetuating this lie with an evangelistic fervor that is truly frightening, several of their “yes” speakers repeated the mantra of “saving their families” and “protecting the children”—proving that they had become saturated with the continuous ads paid for, in large part, by the Mormon Church (go to Courage Campaign to read more on this).

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Anyone who has not yet seen “The Call” video of the San Diego event of 11/2 really needs to go there. The Mormons had a lot of company.

The critique of the “NO” campaign probably should include that they seem to have not reached out to either the Latino or African-American communities to explain how this is a CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE that directly relates to them.

And lastly, we must blame ourselves because 55% of Democratic activists focused on calling the battleground states for Obama. While I have no doubt that our calls made a significant difference, we must recognize that it was done at the sacrifice of most of the downticket races as well as the propositions.

Yea! for the chickens. After Obama, they seem to be the only winners this election cycle.