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Friday Feedback: Merchant of Misery Degree


Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Craig commenting on Lorraine Payette's The Poor You Shall Have with You Always." Here's Craig's comment:

Poor has become a MBA major now. You can learn how to charge the unisured double what insured patients pay, truly adding insult to injury. You can learn how to put someone in a subprime mortgage because their isn’t affordable housing around and abra cadabra , in two or three years double what the homeowner pays for a mortgage payment. And don’t forget the credit card zero interest but 28% if you’re late because of some misfortune.

The Mafia cry in their minestone soup when they learn what their bankers get away with. And what about wage theft, especially with our Latino undocumented brothers who refer to these employers as the “banditos.” Some of the finest meals were enjoyed in places owned by wage theives and cooked by people who didn’t get paid.Rent to Own swindles where people pay $1000 for a $300 tv set and rent to own furniture for those who feel they need a couch and don’t forget car dealers who also want to help the poor at 20 percent interest for a clunker.

You can get a merchant of misery degree at alot of business schools. The ethics of individualism starts with ripping off the downtrodden. In the business community poor is a science.We should outlaw canabalism of the less fortunate.

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