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Friday Feedback: Putting Rehabilitation Back in Prison


Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Judith Traverso in response to Guy Geltner's "From After Guantánamo: The Crisis of U.S. Prisons and Lessons from the Medieval Past." Judith writes:

Thank you, Dr. Geltner, for your very interesting article on prisons and the need for change.

I spent a little time some years ago with some other women doing a bit of ministry to the ladies in Cook County Jail, Chicago, and got to see a bit of what goes on.

Budgets now have been cut and so certain programs no longer exist. This makes it even more difficult for people who are released to attempt to find work, live with their families, and not go back to drugs.

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So much needs to be done to rehabilitate people wherever possible and to provide a safe, clean atmosphere for them to live in as well as some connection to “outside” society and other points you described in your article.