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Friday Feedback: Ron Paul and Racism

This week, Val Eisman and Mark Halfmoon debate the merits of "Challenging Ron Paul's Followers on Racism" by Mark Naison

Each Friday, LA Progressive presents a comment we editors find to be most profound, insightful, or just plain irritating.

friday feedback

This week, Val Eisman and Mark Halfmoon debate the merits of "Challenging Ron Paul's Followers on Racism" by Mark Naison:

Val Eisman

I’m one of those who is going to vote for Ron Paul in the primary only as a protest vote against Obama’s bombing of Libya and refusal to recognize Palestine as a nation as Israel declared its nationhood in 1948.

I neither illusions about Ron Paul’s racism nor his racist supporters nor do I have illusions about Obama’s imperialist, racist base of supporters who care not a whit that we murdered 50,000 Libyans and bombed the infrastructure of that country. The democratic Zionist base of the Democratic Party and the Left both, abandoned the anti-war movement. Organizations like MOve-on coopted the phony Left in this country.

Now when the racist, anti-humanity base of the Democratic Party that doesn’t even deal with the fact that America has locked up 2.3 million people and that Obama is pushing a pro-prison society deals with these contradictions and its own hypocrisy, then I will start worrying more about Ron Paul’s racism.

Until then, start shining a light on yourselves and your racist anti-humanity complicity around the bombing of Iraq and attempting regime changes and more bombing campaigns around the world.

Mark Halfmoon

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Shine a light on your own self up there on your high horse, accusing anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly agree with your simplistic analysis of being hypocritical, racist, anti-humanity, murdering, Zionist imperialists.

I disagree that it was “Obama’s bombing of Libya,” and that he refused to recognize Palestine. I don’t believe you that Obama’s base of supporters are “imperialist, racists” nor that “we murdered 50,000 Libyans and bombed the infrastructure of that country” and would “care not a whit” if we did.

I don’t think the Democratic Party is built upon a “Zionist base” nor that the Left abandoned the anti-war movement and “MOve-on (sic) coopted the phony Left in this country.” Likewise I’m not buying the Democratic Party has a “racist, anti-humanity base” thing either.

ron paul and racism

I am a registered Democrat and I know plenty of other Dems who are pretty upset about the high incarceration rates in the US, and spend much of our time fighting against the prison/industrial complex.

President Obama’s not pushing a pro-prison society. You’re making that up from bits and pieces you’ve placed in a pattern set out for you by charlatans with no evidence except their exhortations to gather a bunch of dubiously sourced ‘facts’ and ‘connect-the-dots.’

Show some proof of these wild eyed ranting assertions or we’re libel to think you’re stricken with, and in the advanced stages of ODD (Obama Derangement Disorder) and require urgent psychological attention.

Meanwhile, as you register your protest vote in the Republican Primary, remember it was the leaders of your “racist anti-humanity” party that made us all complicit around the bombing of Iraq, and have the good sense to vote in November for whoever can keep that particularly nasty brand of lunatic from running this asylum for the next 4 years.

Val Eisman

My response to Mark Halfmoon. Obama Self-Delusion Disorder. Democratic Corporatist Party denial and wishful thinking disorder.

Obama has raised $37 million dollars from bundlers already. 120 of these bundlers out of 240 are Jewish. Obama has raised millions of dollars from the Zionist lobby by his refusal to recognize Palestine at the UN.

Denial is not evidence either. And you cannot dispute this nor are you able to refute any of the claims I have made by citing yourself and whom you know.

BTW, I caught that I’m against the prison industrial complex little out–but not against the bombing of Libya nor the military industrial complex. That’s okay. You’re so used to your Democratic ghetto that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is automatically a suspect of a mental disorder. This is the smugness and arrogance of the deluded and self-righteous democratic base.

No wonder 2.5 million registered voters have left the Democratic and Republican parties.

I’ve decided not to vote for Ron Paul in the primary after all with all the anti-semites now coming out of the woodwork with their openly anti-semitic statements. I don’t think this is what our nation needs right now. I thought of voting for Ron Paul has a tactical move to push back against the worse Christian evangelical warhawks in his party who are also pushing Obama to the right.

But it would send the wrong signal to Americans that open anti-semiticism and racism is okay now in America. It would send a green light to the Southern Christian neo-nazi militias. And I don’t want to do that.

Mark Halfmoon

Though we may respectfully disagree on some ideas, Val Eisman, I admit to humbly admiring your integrity and candor on this particular question.