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Friday Feedback: Supporting What Is Real and True


Every Friday the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Lisa, commenting on "Easter Reflections on a 'Christian Nation.'" by Charley James. Lisa writes:

As I recall, most of the gospels - the ones the Church decided to select for the 'official' bible hundreds of years later - tell us that Jesus said we are all sons of God with no limit to only those who 'follow' him, no exclusion of those who did not.. That was the point.

Fundamentalist mumbo jumbo or not, I have never heard, read or seen any biblical reference, no matter how distorted and twisted, that offers close to a convincing argument otherwise. This single point removes all credibility and doubt. Whether we are children of God or not is a question of interpretation and, for some, personal experience.

I am saddened by the divisive, unGodly things the fundamentalist right have done to those who are not of their faith, and especially to the damage they've done to those who are.

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Living in a hell of their own making is the experience they have chosen. My God, to whom I am deeply devoted, would have me raise my voice not against the misguided and misinformed, but in support of what is real and true.