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Friday Feedback: The Gates Teaching Moment


Most Fridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by David Landau, commenting on Robert Fuller's "Rankism: The Elephant in Professor Gates's House."

Here's David's comment:

Robert Fuller’s piece is certainly the best analysis I’ve seen of “Gates-Gate.” Rather than produce a whodunit, or to take sides–which would be to turn the “teaching moment” into a cudgel–Fuller points us to a framework that’s higher and deeper than what the mass of commentators are offering.

The dignitarian perspective explains this episode better than any other interpretive prism. With its ability to identify with everyone’s point of view, it “dignifies” and raises up all parties to the dispute. If we really want to improve our society–rather than simply put down our political opponents–what can be a better way of apprehending the episode?

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On top of that, we have the bonus of Dr. Fuller’s burnished prose and the handsome clarity of his argument. I hope everyone, especially including Mr. Obama, reads this life-giving essay.

And kudos to LA Progressive for publishing it.