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Friday FeedbacK: The Only Western Nation Doing Without Universal Healthcare

Fridays the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Dr. Stephen R. Keister commenting on The Day the Democrats Died, by Paul Hogarth.


Here's Dr. Keister's comment:

As an 88-year-old, retired physician, and a member of Physician’s For a National Health Program, I am, of course,in favor of universal/single payer care. When Obama by-passed that option without a word in favor of same, I was a good sport and accepted “the public option”. Thereafter the White House and the Senate turned that option aside and settled on a very poor third choice “Medicare for those inder 65″. Now that is gone and all that remains, in essence, is compulsary tax payer subsidy of the Health Insurance Cartel. Note the tremendous rise in health insurance stocks in the past week, as they know full well that they have won. The apologists in the senate continue to delude the public that “health insurance reform” is still possible. Hogwash !

If our elected representatives in the Senate had been sincere they could have changed the filibuster rule with a mere majority vote, as they have done several years ago when the filibuster was changede from 66 to 60 votes. And there is still the ‘nuclear option’, discussed in detail in Wickopedia. Thus, we are left in a tragic situation as the only western nation sans universal health care–the only nation in which deprived persons die because of lack of resourses. We are a basically unethical and immoral society, driven by greed, and dominated by the corporate, neo-liberal economic culture.

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My prior rantings per the Rag Blog are available in part via Google under Dr. Stephen R. Keister. Thanks to the L.A. Progressive as one of the few remaining resourses for enlightened progressive thought.