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Each Friday, LA Progressive presents a comment we editors find to be most profound, insightful, or just plain irritating.

friday feedback

This week, Ray Bishop comments on John Peeler's article, "What Occupy Wall Street Can Learn from the Tea Party."

Several good points here. The fact is that in America or anywhere else on the earth, when the people are sick and tired of what is happening, demonstrations and public protests can and will bring about change.

If the power structure attempts to shut down the group the reaction will be stronger and could result in a greater impact. Tea party or Occupy it is time that the POWER STRUCTURE of the World wake up to the fact that we are living beings on the planet. We can only take so much. We deserve and demand something better.

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The problem is to know the direction to take to get there. I happen to think that the problem is with the concentration of wealth and the influence it has on leadership. The Power System needs to give up the endless conquest of greed and give back to the people who work for a living. The demand for fewer regulations and fewer taxes on the wealthy can not last. People are sick and tired of it and want to empower leaders who will stand up for them and provide for a better life.

I support public protest and admire the people who give of their time to take a stand.

Let them kill the grass but bring greater opportunity to the families who are struggling to live.