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Good Lord

Occasionally, LA Progressive’s editors pick what they regard as a particularly insightful comment from one of our readers, both to draw attention to one particular reader’s thoughts and to encourage more readers to weigh in with their opinions. This week’s “Feedback Friday” response comes from Rick Abrams who commented on the article by Lawrence Wilkerson, "Good Lord! Who Are These People?" Following that, Colonel Wilkerson responded as well.

Rick Abrams: Trump did not move Israel’s capital to Jerusalem. It was Israel’s capital no matter what Trump thought or did. It is the bigots in the left wing who try to delegitimize Israel and by extension Jews by refusing to recognize the right of Israel to select the location of its own capital. The left wing wokers are as bigoted as the Christian extremists and as the Islamic extremists. Extremism is a vice. One way to recognize an extremist is not by his own declarations of his own holiness, but by how he distorts reality to gin up hatred of others.

Also, the evangelicals have significant problems but their situation is more complex since they justifiably feel under attack by wokers. They are made to feel unwanted strangers in their own land with Pelosi’s promise to marginalize them as soon as the minorities are the majority of the voters. Attacking people who are already paranoid is leading us down the war for more violence which may lead to another civil war.

Attacking people who are already paranoid is leading us down the war for more violence which may lead to another civil war.

Lawrence Wilkerson:Rick, I understand some of what you’re trying to say and I empathize with that part. But the part where you are dead wrong needs correcting.

According to multiple UNSCR’s, starting with UNSCR 242 and moving through UNSCRs 476 and 478, all the way up to the 2017 UN “Position on Jerusalem Unchanged”, i.e., “the abiding position of the United Nations on Jerusalem [is] that the city remains a final status issue to be determined through a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to be negotiated between the two sides…”. This last, of course, was occasioned by the illegal move of the Israeli capital to Jerusalem and the US illegal recognition of it. You can say all day long that the UN is not a determinative entity but there you would be dead wrong also. The UN is as much a US-backed and US-funded organization as anything, and it does not make it “legal/illegal” that when Washington likes a UN move it supports it, and when it dislikes a move it rejects it. The moves are all within international law. Our arrogance in such cases is highly damaging to our world posture and power. And our disregard of international law almost always comes back to haunt us — just as it will eventually with our torture regime and with our disregard of our own treatment of minorities when the UN cites us for it. Because we are powerful is no excuse; it allows us to get away with such acts but there is always a bill to pay for our bad behavior.

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Bottom line: the move of Israel’s capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was illegal under international law.

And by the way, by your logic, if the US decided it wanted to make Mexico City or Ottawa its capital, we would be within our rights to do so because we have the raw power to do it. That’s simply nonsense. It’s perhaps accomplishable because of our power but it’s really stupid.

Next, your assessing people who seek long-delayed justice — like Black or Asian Americans — when they have been treated so terribly for so many years (check out slavery and Jim Crow, on the one hand, and the treatment of the Chinese workers on the trans-Pacific railroads as they were being built, on the other hand) as being the equivalent of fundamentalist Christians, you also talk nonsense. There is simply no comparison between those legitimate minority efforts to achieve some sort of justice and equity in society — which is in no way extremism — and those efforts of, for example, people such as Joel Osteen whose greatest attribute is to be a modern Elmer Gantry, or worse, such as those who attacked the US capitol on 6 January of this year. These latter are extremists indeed.

I’m a Christian, by the way — a real Christian — and I don’t feel under attack by anyone. Nor does any true follower of the prophet who gave us the Sermon on the Mount or who threw the moneylenders out of the Temple.

And by the way, who are “the unwanted strangers” in “their own land”? Is that anyone who is not white or not a Christian? It certainly sounds like that is what you mean, or you are attributing that to what the fundamentalists mean and you are okay with that. I’m not.

Are you paranoid? I’m not nor are any of those whom I call friends or colleagues. You might want to analyze why you are if you are.

Finally, the greatest threat to our democracy is white supremacy; and the greatest threat to white supremacy is democracy. From your remarks, you seem caught up in these realties and don’t know which way to turn. If I’m wrong, I apologize. If I’m in any way right, I feel like you need more education in the principles articulated by the real prophet whom we call Christ. You also need education in democracy; or you need to move to a fascist state.