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1. Corporate Feudalism. Sharon Kyle: Technological advances in communications, transportation, automation and the like have changed the mutual dependencies that once existed between the American middle class and the super rich.

corporate feudalism

2. HIV Positive: Because Some Laundry Needs to Be Aired. Jasmyne Cannick: I practically collapsed on the spot when I walked into that hospital room and saw my friend hooked up to an IV, withered down to skin and bones.

3. The Supreme Court and the “Broken Middle." Joseph Palermo: By striking down the Montana campaign finance law that dates back to 1912, the Supreme Court steams ahead on its long-term project of turning our political system over to giant corporations.

4. Intimidating the Poor: The Ugly Underside of Hipster New York. Mark Naison: New York is the greatest city in the world if you have cash in your pocket and love culture and the arts, but if you are poor, and a person of color, Michael Bloomberg’s New York can be an expensively maintained prison. [Also in Top 10: Why Business Leaders Should Not Manage Schools. Mark Naison: All across the country, we have more and more teachers who hate their jobs because their job security has been destroyed, and more and more children who hate school because of the constant testing.]

5. Whatever Happened to “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men”? Robert Fuller: What if religion defended its teachings in the same way science does—by marshaling evidence, making predictions, and testing them against outcomes? What if religion applied its teachings to its own practices? What if seemingly utopian prophecies like “peace on Earth, goodwill toward men” were regarded not as naïve pieties but rather as testable predictionsof a state of social equilibrium toward which humankind was muddling?

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6. Judicial Judo: The Chief Justice Roberts and Obamacare. John Peeler: In handing a defeat to the Republicans, Roberts thereby also handed them a bludgeon with which to attack Obama as a tax-and-spend liberal.

7. GOP Racism: The GOP's Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses. Sikivu Hutchinson: The contrast between the immigrant trajectory of seized opportunity (and earned citizenship) versus the resident black population’s essential otherness, is a subtext of the GOP’s anti-government platform.

8. Dis-membering the Stonewall Riot. Rev. Irene Monroe: The Stonewall Riot started on the backs of working class African American and Latino queers who have been bleached from its written history.

9. Darryl Issa's Contemptible Actions. Andy Love: Issa's relentless pursuit of the president, culminating in this investigation of a trumped-up scandal is nothing more than cynical political theater.

10. GOP: Boldly Offering Solutions to Our Nation’s Symptoms. Tina Dupuy: Remember this is the party that in the wake of September 11th—an attack by citizens of Saudi Arabia, organized in Afghanistan by a leader hanging out in Lebanon—decided to invade (wait for it) Iraq.