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Each week, LA Progressive’s editors pick what they regard as a particularly insightful comment from one of our readers, both to draw attention to one particular reader’s thoughts and to encourage more readers to weigh in with their opinions. This week’s pithy "Feedback Friday" response comes from Dick Price, who commented on the article by Danny Sjursen, "Watching My Students Turn Into Soldiers of Empire."

Danny’s article brought tears to my eyes.

For a couple decades, I was a magazine editor and publisher for a professional society whose headquarters was in D.C. Three or four times a year, I would go there for executive committee meetings. After the meetings had concluded for the day, I would go down to the Vietnam Memorial, often times in the early evening when I would have the haunting expanse to myself.

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There, I would trace out the letters of the names of fellows I’d served with – or just stand back and soak in the sadness. With the same kind of tears in my eyes that I felt finishing this article.

Some day all this military adventuring America is doing will come back and bite us in the ass big time – and not just with the five thousand soldiers we threw away in Iraq and Afghanistan, not even with the 50,000 mostly kids, mostly from the wrong side of the tracks, we threw away in Vietnam.