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Reader Feedback: Where Do We Go from Here?—Sharon Alexander

Each week, the editor’s of LA Progressive pick what they regard as a particularly insightful comment from one of our readers, both to draw attention to one particular reader’s thoughts and to encourage more readers to weigh in with their opinions. This week’s pithy response comes from Sharon Alexander, who commented on Lila Garrett's "Where Do We Go from Here?"

My first reaction was to urge Bernie to start a new party, immediately. I figured it would pull in all the millennials and minorities who are terrified at a Trump win. But Bernie and Company seem set on taking over the Democratic party instead. So perhaps they are right even if that isn’t as exciting a path. Meantime, there is so much to do.

  • Reform the media. The worst culprit in this election was the media. Whether it was collusion with a candidate or just feeding the bread and circus, they shamed themselves. They made a fortune on this election. But they did not serve the people. And they haven’t changed one iota since the election. I just complained to KPCC that they are still wasting too much airtime listening to whatever Trump says and then second guessing what he might mean. Trump ran on a campaign of being an outsider. Yet he is filling his cabinet with the worst crew of conservative establishment insider sycophants! The media must question this strategy and keep calling him on that. The media could actually do a service to the American people now that Trump has won. Trump respects those who are even more powerful than he. Everyone knows that Bernie is the most popular politician in America. Trump should be urged to meet with Bernie about policies they might both share as outsiders.Collaborating with the most popular politician in America can only look good on Trump. He should be reminded of this until he gets it.
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  • Change the election system. Those of us who followed the primary got quite the education in ways to suppress or even steal votes. At very least, primaries need to be opened up to independents all over the country, or at least voters need to be allowed to reregister right up until election day. Then we can’t allow electronic voting machines to be used without paper trails and we can’t allow them to be programmed to register fractional votes. And exit polls should be run by an impartial body and their results actually checked against counted votes. Provisional ballots need to be counted. And the “crosscheck” program needs to be thrown out as unconstitutional. Then there is the superdelegate program, which definitely needs to be thrown out as of yesterday. There are plenty of superdelegates right in our own backyard who committed their votes even before the primary elections were held and who should now be held accountable for their behavior. They did not represent the people!
  • Find and groom new progressive candidates for local offices and work like hell to get good candidates elected to Congress. There is so much more to say, but I’ll stop with one more thought. Donald Trump did not win this election because the public is racist, chauvinistic, misogynist, or bigoted. He won because the public was angry and wanted someone outside of the mainstream establishment to take the reigns. Bernie Sanders fit that bill. Unfortunately, the election was stolen from him. Don’t give up