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1. John McCain, A Veteran Was Demeaned In Your Name. Will You Defend Her? Linda Milazzo: Using Senator John McCain as his foil to demean Duckworth, Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh smeared Tammy Duckworth's service and undermined her sacrifice.

tammy duckworth

2. Fourth of July, Independence Day, For Some. Sharon Kyle: In 1852, former slave and legendary abolitionist Frederick Douglass was invited to give a speech at a 4th of July event to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

3. 'Conservadems’ and Practical Politics. Berry Craig: The GOP hopeful is a union-hating, tea party 100-percenter of the Jesus-loves-me-but-He-can’t-stand-you persuasion.

4. Koch Brothers: The Least of Our Worries. Robert Illes: But in many ways worse are the watery "liberals" on, say, MSNBC, especially Chris Matthews, whose main interest seems self-serving, to maintain the election as seeming like a tight horse race.

5. Obamascare. James Rhodes: Additional provisions of OBAMACARE, according to the concerned (white) Republicans: a special tax on wheelchairs and all illegal immigrants will receive 100% medical coverage.

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6. Drew Brees, Union Power, and the Big Payback. Dave Zirin: In recent years Drew has taken some strong positions against league management. He doesn’t have to do this, but he chooses to because he knows it’s the right thing to do, and because he’s a natural leader who all players look to and respect.

7. The Ghost Dance. Kathleen Peine: A society willing to belch radioactive filth or lung-collapsing gases as part of doing business is nothing short of insane.

8. Suddenly Homeless: Kids With No Roof. Charley James: Homeless children not only are robbed of their childhood but also suffer at school so their situation is likely to affect them the rest of their lives.

9. Torture Victims: What Would George Do? Julie Gutman: As we celebrate liberty and democracy on July 4, let us ask what our founding fathers would have to say about the current torture debate.

10. Ideology: Do You Have Ideas, or Do Ideas Have You? Charles Hayes: What could be more disturbing than to discover that your life's goals and ambitions are the result of an ideology about which you remain unaware?