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russian interference

Each week, the editor’s of LA Progressive pick what they regard as a particularly insightful comment from one of our readers, both to draw attention to one particular reader’s thoughts and to encourage more readers to weigh in with their opinions. This week’s pithy "Feedback Friday" response comes from Ron Fox, who commented on Murray Polner's "7 Days in May or Treason?."

What happened in the 2016 race? A great many voters saw Hillary Clinton as a tremendously self-centered and privileged candidate who essentially promised more of the same while claiming to understand and work in favor of the working people while never having had to work in her life.

They saw Donald Trump as someone who was definitely NOT more of the same, who did not lecture them about how they were racists and privileged and did not tell them they had to pay more taxes and bear more burdens to benefit other nations.

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Was he rude and vulgar? Sure. But most voters are not enamored of someone who speaks like an academic (especially after 8 years of President Obama), probably know and love at least one person who’s rude or vulgar themselves, and are more interested in deeds and words.

They saw Donald Trump as someone who, having been involved in real estate and construction for much of his life, had dealt with working people for years and could be expected to identify with them instead of calling them “deplorables”.

That remark about “deplorables” probably cost her the election.

You may not believe that this characterization of him is accurate, but that doesn’t matter. The voters in the battleground states did. And they still pretty much don’t give a damn about his tweets, or the fact that he called Haiti a “shithole”. Their reaction is “Ever read up on Haiti? It IS a shithole!”

They’re looking for action, and when they see that there’s more money in their paychecks this year (and for most of them there will be) they’re not going to care about the rest.