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Each week, the editor’s of LA Progressive pick what they regard as a particularly insightful comment from one of our readers, both to draw attention to one particular reader’s thoughts and to encourage more readers to weigh in with their opinions. This week’s pithy "Feedback Friday" response comes from Dee Steel, who commented on Walter Moss's "Does Trump’s Religion Matter?"

trump christianity

WChristians are to be known by their actions and words. What they value is reflected in their beliefs and in their actions. When there is conflict something is wrong.

Evangelicals have been critical, very critical, with those who do not agree with their tenets or practice of religion. We are all familiar with some of them: abortion and reproductive rights, role of women, not supporting homosexuals or decorating their wedding cakes are a few. But their removing artifacts linked to Christianity from their owners is not to be punished even when caught.

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Now they are trying to convince us Trump is a guy whose actions must be forgiven. I see little if any proof they believe in a mighty higher power. Their hypocrisy is getting worse. I hope they are finally held accountable for their Un-Christian practice of Christianity. Trump needs to be held to the same standard as evangelicals apply to others.