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Reader Feedback: Moral Crossroads

Weekly the LA Progressive features a comment that was particularly noteworthy. This week we are featuring a comment submitted by Michael, commenting on Please Investigate War Crimes Now: Pleaseby Charley James. Michael writes:


I think you are exactly right.

Without acknowledging the problem and making sure that the people who caused the problem are never in any position of responsibility again, we are condoning and belittling capital offenses. In any other context the idea that we should just move forward would be laughable. Imagine a serial killer’s lawyer arguing that his client should go free because all of his mistakes are in the past?

I can’t imagine that Obama thinks that this country can recover its moral standing while letting the criminals go free, and not even investigating the extent of the crimes. Considering that the vast majority of the victims were Muslim, how is sweeping their abuse under the rug going to play in the Muslim world? Without there being consequences to criminality, where is the disincentive? Why would whistleblowers come forward when the subjects of their accusations will not only go free, but stay in positions of power (and retribution).

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The idea that criminals like John Yoo has not been disbarred and are being employed in our educational system is a terrifying message about how far our Republic has fallen, and where it is going.

Obama needs to realize he is at a moral crossroads, and one path leads us out of the mire of lawlessness and the other into a tar pit of oligarchy where the privileged class can do anything with no consequences.