Real Socialist Calls Obama a Capitalist

Brian Moore

2008 Socialist presidential hopeful says Obama’s a capitalist .

Republicans, especially Tea Party types, still claim President Obama has a “socialist agenda.” Democrats keep on denying it.

Journalists dutifully report the dissing and the disavowals, claiming that’s giving the public both sides of the story.

Seldom do scribes ask Real McCoy Socialists like Brian Moore if the President is one of them.

Moore says no way. “Obama’s actions and policies are capitalist to the core.”

Moore is the 67-year-old Floridian who topped the Socialist Party USA presidential ticket in the 2008. In this the most capitalist of Western industrial democracies, Moore managed just 6,528 votes nationwide.

A few journalists sought Moore ’s opinion when Republicans started trashing Obama’s “socialist” politics on the campaign trail two years ago. Moore even went on The Colbert Report to say that he, not Obama, was the genuine Socialist candidate.

Moore, who lives in Spring Hill, Florida , still says Republicans are still playing politics when they pin the “socialist” label on the president and his party. GOP bigwigs know Obama’s not a socialist, according to Moore .

They also know that to many Americans “socialist” conjures visions of the Cold War and Moscow ’s minions grimly goose-stepping through Red Square , accompanied by rumbling tanks and massive mobile missiles.

“They are injecting fear and ignorance into an uninformed electorate,” Moore said.

He’s a democratic socialist, far from a Marxist-Leninist. Democratic socialists believe in change through the ballot box, not the bullet. They oppose the anti-democratic excesses inherent in both Stalinist-style totalitarian communism and unfettered, greed-is-good capitalism.

Anyway, “socialist” might be a smear word stateside, but it’s not an epithet in other industrial democracies. Like Moore , millions of people in those countries – including our NATO allies — proudly call themselves democratic socialists.

The U.S. is the only Western nation that doesn’t have a viable democratic socialist, social democratic or socialist-oriented labor party.

In other democracies, Obama and the Democrats would be centrist. Today’s tea party-tilting GOP would be a far-right-wing fringe party.

Meanwhile, Republicans claim the health care reform bill Congress approved – and the GOP wants to scuttle — is “proof” that the president’s policies are socialistic.

Moore doesn’t buy it.

“The health care reform bill alone now provides 37 million new members to the insurance companies, the hospitals, the HMOs and the pharmaceutical corporations. This broken system has never had it so good. They will wallow in the new trillion dollars that will come their way in the next ten years.”

Berry CraigMoore confesses some sympathy for the Democratic party because “of what it could be, but is not.” He ran in the Sunshine State ’s Democratic primary last August as an unapologetically leftist alternative to Alex Sink. He lost, but collected more than 200,000 votes.

Moore despairs at the Democrats’ rightward drift. So does this union card-carrying Hubert Humphey Democrat. “Socialist” wasn’t a slur to HHH. It’s not to me either. Like Humphrey, too, I’m an admirer of Western European democratic socialist, social democratic and labor parties.

In any event, Republican charges that Obama and the Democrats are “socialists” only shows how far right-wing the old party of Lincoln and Liberty has slid.

Berry Craig


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    The Right may be misguided, but the left is completely unguided. You only have to read the comments here to realize why the left is as impotent as it is.

    The center of political discourse needs to be dragged to the left – no question about it. But as long as the plethora of socialist and communist mini “parties” take more thrill in sniping at each others ideological purity, they will only prove their irrelevance.

    It is time that some of those people who purport to be “progressive” respond to criticism with a nod to Patrick Henry, the true grand father of the tea baggers, If that be socialism, make the most of it.

    I would love to see a world where the meaning of “socialist” is the center of constructive political discourse and not the ravings of marginal fringes or the paranoid fantasies of right wing nut cases.

    That discourse could include socialism, communism and anarchism in all their theoretical, theological, and practical permutations.

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    This statement shows a great deal of ignorance about the history of Lincoln: “In any event, Republican charges that Obama and the Democrats are “socialists” only shows how far right-wing the old party of Lincoln and Liberty has slid.”

    First, the “right-wing” are not Republicans and they despise Lincoln for his federalism. If you scratch a “Patriot,” you will find an insurrectionist with treacherous intentions. Typically Republicans hate a republic, which is why they want to reduce its size and limit its scope.

    Collectivist socialism is the antithesis of liberty. It assumes society is more important than individual natural rights like self defense and private ownership. All claims of any “liberty” fall into abuse the moment you take away equality with misrepresentatives in a Roman style republic like ours.

    We now call slaves “taxpayers,” but the 49% paying taxes are slaves to the Democrats as they pay to provide the bread-and-circuses that keep them in power.

    I prefer Patrick Henry Liberals:
    Show me that age and country where the rights and liberties of the people were placed on the sole chance of their rulers being good men, without a consequent loss of liberty! I say that the loss of that dearest privilege has ever followed, with absolute certainty, every such mad attempt.-Patrick Henry

    You cannot claim to be progressive if you are advocating regressing back to the totalitarianism that differs little from monarchy.

    Progressivism stopped with the States where the People were given the right to vote for Senators, recall, referendums, and initiatives in those States who have it. It is how women got suffrage. Those States have been the labratories of democracy that have proven the value of self governance. Socialism is the antithesis of that and the DINOs [Democratic-In-Name-Only] have proven they hate to see the People in charge as much as the Republicans hate to see the republic in charge.

    The first act of a socialist is to sieze the means of production by nationalization, whether they are national socialists like the Nazis or Marxist socialists like the Maoists.

    If you claim the Democrats in general are not socialists, you are willingly ignorant. If you do not believe the policies of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are not focused on nationalizing the means of production, you are willingly ignorant.

    You need to step away from your socialism to become a Progressive.

  3. pigdog67 says

    Obama supports war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran or China is next. And he supports the health insurance companies. Obama is not even a democrat. And he supports bailouts for corrupt banks that run robo signing mortgage foreclosure scams. If the democratic party and this magazine do not disown Obama then shame on them. We need representative government and a progressive party in this country. Neither the Democrats or Republicans can provide that. They both represent the top 1% and hence the corporate Kleptocracy. America is done. Nothing has been done whatsoever about the debt, rising healthcare costs, enormous wasteful spending on the military etc. America is done. The only question is which year the collapse hits? 2012, 2014, 2018? Take your pick.

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    @ chegitz guevara (the nom guerre of Marc Luzietti), The only power grabbing scab is in fact YOU. Anyone who speaks out against your idiot ideas is not a socialist in your mind’s eye. When the fact is you yourself are not a “socialist”, but rather a COMMUNIST. The two are not the same ideology; this de facto, makes YOU the fraud and the rat inside the SPUSA. Brian P. Moore, myself, and many others have been personally by attacked by your faction and I know I have had the police looking into two death threats from your right-hand Darius Engel. What part of socialist don’t YOU understand, “social”? If anyone wants to read more about this guy who likes to cower behind the internet just drop me an email.

    Brian P. Moore is a very upstanding socialist unlike the handful of communists (not the same ideology) you work with who have been spinning their wheels going nowhere. Us, American Socialist Party has doubled membership in under one year. We have this guy chegitz guevara to thank for his poor actions against Moore. All chegitz guevara is doing is tossing “**it into a fan to see what sticks” and anti-democractic coup when name calling. The bottom line is Brian P. Moore is a very popular socialist and everyone has followed him knowing that chegitz guevara is openly lying which is why he hides and libels actual socialist. Chegitz guevara is our RINO.

      • says

        Please publish any formal documentation that you might have to make such a claim Darius Engel. Or might I publish your emails too? BTW, thanks for giving all those IPs that I was looking for. I had to make sure who was who.

  5. Melissa Shipps says

    In reply to chegitz guevara:

    Please provide links of info to support your claim. Also, would you be willing to debate Moore on the issues you speak of? It’s better to debate instead of defame, especially on a site such as this.


    • chegitz guevara says

      Public records of the Socialist Party of Florida. You can read in Moore’s own words his attempt to have the Attorney General of the State of Florida indict members of the State Executive Committee of the SPFL. They had previously voted unanimously to suspend him over allegations that he had deliberately undermined a resolution of the SEC.

      Needless to say, he was expelled immediately when this became known.

      There is nothing to debate with Moore. He is a scab.

      • says

        The only persons to undermine socialism in Florida are those acting against it and comrades in Florida, namely you Marc Luzietti. Moore did what you could not and he did so in greater numbers than anyone has in the past as evident in the 200,000+ votes for openly being a democratic socialist much like Bernie Sanders from Vermont. Moore has had more effect for democratic socialism in one short election than you did in years of hiding behind the internet. From here all the comrades can smell the sour apple pie that has been baked.

  6. chegitz guevara says

    One questions someone who tried to use unconstitutional anti-communist laws in a desperate bid to hang on to authority within the Socialist Party can be called a socialist. Moore was thrown out of the Socialist Party for attempting a coup against the leadership of the Socialist Party in his state. He is a scab and deserving of nothing but contempt from socialists.

    He’s not one of us.

    • says

      “us” = something further left of CPUSA’s by their own standing as posted online today. The “us” isn’t even near the word socialist and something worse than communist. All I read are children making demands without any real plans that even working people can understand. You et al are not making/creating a party, but rather, a cadre of elite few “We say so” that is no better then any corporate interest in a free market. I believe the term is, “Looking in the Mirror; the Darkside.”

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    All this talk about “Obama as socialist” is amusing to say the least. This silly country has moved so far to the right in the last thirty years that, were Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater to rise from the dead tonight, the GOP wouldn’t nominate either of them as dog catcher.

    The problem with the Democratic party is that they have forgotten they are the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    The Problem with the Republicans is that they are brain damaged.

    Isn’t life strange?

    Tom Degan

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