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Richard Greeman is a Marxist scholar long active in human rights, anti-war, anti-nuclear, environmental and labor struggles in the U.S., Latin America, France, and Russia. Greeman is best known for his studies and translations of the Franco-Russian novelist and revolutionary Victor Serge (1890–1947). Greeman also writes regularly about politics, international class struggles and revolutionary theory. Co-founder of the Praxis Research and Education Center in Moscow, Russia, and director of the International Victor Serge Foundation, Greeman splits his time between Montpellier, France and New York City.


  1. Posted by Harvey Bernstein says

    Like you, I’m proud that women, people of color, and committed progressives have led the political uprising to resist the racism, the slide toward authoritarianism, the lies and the assault on women’s rights, on the environment, on the free press, on democracy. But authoritarians don’t give up power. And are we ready for an even more threatening attack : the pardoning of Manafort; or the assassination of Manafort; a drummed up war to divert from crimes; the firing of Mueller; the death and replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsberg; pardoning Roger Stone?

    We need a more effective non-violent tool to combat the desperate next step of Trump and his supporters.

    We must not wait another two years on the assumption that right-wingers will allow themselves to be voted out of office. Nor even until the next Jan. 20th march(which each year loses numbers and impact) while voter suppression intensifies. Women and their supporters need to warn that they have a new non-violent means to stop the assault on them and on democracy. And it only takes one day to deliver the message.

    THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: 4 women/men step out onto the “boulevard” at 7:45 in the morning. 3 of us station ourselves about 100 yards apart-facing the traffic and holding the 45 impeach sign. (No drama or theatrical waving/shouting needed) The 4th person standing another 100 yards further back down the boulevard holds the cardboard clock with movable hands. She moves the hand up to the 45 minute mark. Take an amateur video of the reaction of the pedestrians and the drivers. Next day—post it online in social media.

    The goal is to teach everyone—women….and men that that there is a non-violent way to protest immediately, without cost, in place…..wherever there is a gathering. Whenever they see 45 on the clock. Speak impeach. Or honk. Whenever that protest is needed. (Whenever and wherever that protest may be needed). Because it will be needed.

    This plan is not my idea. I heard this plan from someone who heard it from a couple of young women who had heard it from someone else. But no one has yet done it. No group need to sponsor it, but instead just say that a few of its members are participating and then ask for a few like-minded women…..and men to participate. Non-violent only. Women and men can show that what has happened in France to confront the government, can happen here without violence. During rush-hours, in the stadiums.

    Of course, like Stone Soup, this works better if you have 4 other women or men on the opposite side of the “boulevard” ….. and are out there (still only for one day) but also at 8:45 AM, 4:45PM, and 5:45PM. As traffic goes both to and from work. And, of course, this works even better if there are 4 more participants a mile up the road. The “boulevard” is long and diverse. There are other progressive groups and members of congregations all along the miles of boulevard who are ready to participate and many who have already been tipped off to this idea. (this is why Trump has been referring to the “angry Democratic mob”. He knows that he has no defense for that kind of non-violent resistance)

    As an experienced criminal prosecutor I can attest that he should be impeached—if only to keep him from pardoning more racist criminals. But this is not really about impeachment. It is about sending a warning that we have only begun to defend democracy and our rights and the rights of all. When the clock shows 45—Speak: Impeach. Honk—Impeach.
    In Solidarity,
    Edith Clark
    H. Lewis

  2. Paul Haeder says

    Big question is are those Yellow Vests aware that their benefits, their way of life, their social fabric all come at the expense of Empire — Indochina, Africa, Latin America, you name it.

    It’s a tough world, being in US of Israel, and seeing we are imploding and the 80 percent are disenfranchised and slipping fast, when the rest of the world outside the White Vanguard of Great White Dope, is terribly suffering.

    All those bankers and war mongers and Lord of Minerals-Oil-Lumber-Ag from France, throughout the EU, to Canada, USA and such, they boost the standard of living of even the sliding majorities in the Capitalist world.

    While we protest Trump or Macron or all the other right-wing and neoliberal dictators of the world, let’s remember Capitalism, even those of us in the struggle one paycheck away from homelessness or one medical treatment away from the poor house, are here thanks to the Geo-Enslavement by the Robber Barons and Titans of the world who ram that killing and subjugation down our not-so-innocent throats in the work classes of the so-called “free world.” Macron and Rothschild family, what do you expect from his cold bloodless self?


    Seeing Macron from this perspective, he is just a little boy and a little full of himself, having been implanted by the foremost western banking clan, the Rothschild family, to help salvage what can be salvaged; i.e., milk to the bones the French and by association, the European Social system, what’s left of it. Greece was a test case. And look at Greece – the Elite is still so greed-driven that they‘d rather salvage their billions stashed away in Swiss banks, instead of showing some integrity and out of solidarity tell the EU and its fake currency, the Euro, to go to hell. No, they won’t. Greece could have been an example for the rest of Europe.

    Greece on her own, with their local currency the Drachma, local public banks for the development of the country, would today be on the way to prosperity, with jobs for most people, with an economy that could feed everybody and with a health care and education system that would bring up a new generation of Greek politicians – Greek politicians, who like after WWII displayed a solidarity that made them exemplary for many European countries.

    With all the lying, miserably lying European statistics that Greece is now recovering and improving and that Greece is becoming autonomous and can borrow directly from the capital markets again – people are still dying from lack of medication, of medical care, of famine, of lack of shelter, especially in the winter, and of ever-increasing suicide rates. That’s Greece, the Troika’s (EU / EC; ECB, IMF) example of ‘salvation’.

    Will France, under Macron – Implosion 2 – become a candidate for exiting the EU thanks to the Yellow Vests? Last Saturday, what looked like an endless crowd of ‘gilets jaunes’ was marching down Champs Elysees, in the front with a huge French flag. Stamped on the left on the blue strip of the flag was “1789”, in the middle white strip was “1968” and in the red strip to the right, was inscribed “2018”. An interesting and indeed ambitious and bold allegation to the legendary 1789 storm of the Bastille, that changed world history. The current set-up of the EU certainly does not belong to anything called a “revolution”. It rather must be dismantled under a revolution.

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