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Led by LA Progressive's publishers, a team of two dozen Los Angeles-based criminal justice activists has just released a new Criminal Justice Report Card in time for November's critical election.

Criminal Justice Report Card 2018

By looking at important criminal justice legislation enacted over the past several years, this first scorecard gives readers a snapshot of the performance of California's legislators at a time when much good criminal justice reform is being done but when many terrific battles still lie ahead.

Go here for the California State Senate report card and here for the State Assembly report card. You can also find a high-level description of our aims here and a nuts-and-bolts look at the methodology used to create the scorecard.

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Going forward, we will further refine this first criminal justice report card to better serve California's voting public. If readers find this tool useful, we might well expand it to other legislative and judicial bodies serving California's voters as well.

Use the comment section below to share your reactions and suggestions for improvement. If you or organization would like to get involved with this report card project, please contact us.

Criminal Justice Report Card Team