Republican Pledge Against America

pledge against americaOne of the claims of the Tea Party movement is that they want a return to traditional values. They want to restore honor. They want more fiscal discipline in government. They want to put the Bible back into schools. But they have been very hesitant to disclose exactly what “values” means, or what legislative steps they will attempt if they gain power.

Following the primary victories of so many Tea Party Republican candidates, an interesting thing has happened. As Tea Partiers move to take control of the Republican Party from the corporate lobbyists who have run it for decades, the factions have started to quarrel among themselves. Parts of the squabbling have led to publication of clearer information about what Republican plans are for after the elections.

The fiscal policies embraced by both parts of the Party are embodied in the Party’s new Pledge Against America. This is modeled on Newt Gingrich’s 1994 Contract on America. Remember that the Contract on America was followed by a period of total gridlock, where the Republicans blocked all government actions for a while, while letting corporations run free to pollute and rape the environment and grab as much tax money as they could.

This week, describing the Republican Party plan for after the November elections, Republican House Leader (and life-time corporate lobbyist) John Boehner said “We are not going to be any different than what we’ve been.” No Tea Party faction leader has disputed this description. So we know that as far as fiscal policy, what a Republican victory in November means is a return to borrowing to pay for foreign wars, and for no-bid contracts, cuts in veterans’ health care, public schools, and an end to enforcement of environmental and other public benefit laws and regulations. For Tea Partiers, clean drinking water and safe bridges are luxuries we just can’t afford in the good old USA.

I know, I know. Elaine and Jay and Joshua and Marshall, and other Republican Party regulars will post long criticisms of my analysis. But will they be able to point to any Republican Party or “tea party” leader who regularly disputes Boehner’s description?

Fiscal policy is important, but it isn’t the only important thing. Tea Party Republicans were coached for months to shout about “restoring the Constitution,” without ever risking any details of what parts of the Constitution need “restoration.” But the growing influence of the Tea Party faction has forced the party managers to be more specific.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is now openly promoting repeal of the 14th amendment, to do away with automatic citizenship for non-white children born in the country. Kentucky Senator-in-waiting, Rand Paul, has called for the Roberts Court to declare civil rights legislation “unconstitutional.” Just this week, an email sent by Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss’ office called for the death of all gays. Roy Moore, Republican leader from Alabama, has asked that Moslems be barred from holding elective office in the United States.

In the name of “freedom” these Tea Party Republican leaders want to strip citizenship from brown people, want to take the life from gay people and want to deprive all citizens of the right to vote for candidates whose religion isn’t corporate “christianity”. Again, the critical comments will not point to any Tea Party leader disputing these ideas.

Roy Moore provides some insight into the concept of getting back to traditional values. Moore was the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, elected on a promise that he would oppose 1st Amendment religious freedom for anyone other than “conservative christians.” After a few years of corruption, funded by some of the nations most profitable televangelists, and forcing Alabama tax payers to pay years of legal bills for his law firm buddies, a unanimous decision of an ethics panel tossed him off the Court.

Consider, for a few moments, the degree of dishonesty and corruption that is needed to offend an ethics committee in the Republican South. Remember that South Carolina’s Republican governor, Mark Sanford, used tax dollars to fund his affair, including travel to Argentina, while he was married. Then recall that the Republican Party accepted him back, not even making him repay the tax money he had stolen.

Moore has gone on to make millions of dollars hawking religious souvenirs. In 2006, as a fundraising stunt, he launched a campaign to bar Moslems from being allowed to hold elected office. His first target was a Moslem elected to the U.S. Congress. To “restore the Constitution,” Tea Partier Moore wants to deny voters the right to elect candidates of their choice.

The ‘80s and ‘90s campaign to “defend” the 10 Commandments can help us understand Tea Party Republican “values”. Roy Moore said that it was critical to Alabama’s (and the nation’s) survival that the state erect monuments to the 10 Commandments.

Although different religions number the Commandments differently, almost all proclaim that the 2nd Commandment is “Do not make or worship idols.” But making the 10 Commandments an idol to be displayed in every school and courtroom was just too profitable an opportunity. So people who had no concern for what the Commandments actually said made bucks promoting the sale of displays.

The 9th Commandment is “Don’t lie.” Promoters of 10 Commandments idol displays claimed that “activist judges” had driven religion out of our schools. Like “restoring the Constitution” this claim was always made without specifying legal cases in which this was done. Cases weren’t cited because those who actually reads the religion cases (as Roy Moore has done) knows that religion can be taught in school – schools just can’t teach students to favor one religion over another. So saying that Courts had pushed religion out of schools was simply a lie. The people promoting display of the 10 Commandments simply lied about the law to improve their sales.

This is the same value that we see in today’s Tea Party Republican movement. Tea Partiers lie about death panels in the health reform bill. They lie about crime by immigrants, and about corporate welfare. They lie that Hawaii has not confirmed Obama’s birth there. They lie that Obama was raised as a Moslem. Statistics prove that the Obama administration is arresting far more illegal border crossers than the Bush administration ever did, but Tea Partiers lie that Obama encourages such border crossers. Lying is a value the Tea Party movement embraces.

Sex is another favorite topic for Tea Party Republican attention. While Tea Party Republicans want to reduce government’s role in regulating polluters and corporations that sell us tainted foods, they want to increase government’s role in regulating people’s sex lives. They want more restrictions on, and punishment of, ‘evils; like homosexual conduct, and even birth control. And they want more regulation of salacious content on TV and radio. They do not believe in personal responsibility so much as making people turn off their own TVs – NO! Instead, it’s better to censor all programming to protect those who are too lazy to hit the channel change button or the off switch.


This leads to interesting conflicts between the love of lying and the hatred of other people enjoying sex. Many South Carolina and Washington conservatives have long accepted that Senator Lindsay Graham is gay. He served honorably in the military as a gay man. And he, with male lovers in private, publicly voted this month against letting other gays serve in the military that he served in. Graham is a Tea Party supporter and is loved by Tea Partiers all over the South. He is beloved for both his lying and his sexual hypocricy.

This essay only skims Tea Party Republican “values.” We still need to look at the idea of “restoring honor,” with a particular eye for what “honor” means to them. And although John Boehner has told us that their fiscal plan is to restore the glory of George Bush’s economics, we should look a little, in the next few weeks, about what that might mean for real working people.

Tom Hall


  1. Tyrone says


    Two years in, Barack Obama looks like a pretty good president to the nation’s top presidential scholars. The 44th president came in 15th on the all-time list, two spots behind Bill Clinton and three ahead of Ronald Reagan, in a Siena College Research Institute Poll, the New York Daily News reports. Obama got high marks for his intelligence, imagination and communication skills, but lost points for his experience and—what’s this? “Family background”? Now the Republican politician wants the public to believe Republican President Obama is worse them G.W. Bush! BS!!!!!!!!

    I find it disgusting that rich republicans with top of the line healthcare are fighting tooth and nail to keep Americans from having universal health care. I thought that Americans created governments to protect the people, not to use them for their own shady agendas. Yes, universal healthcare would cost a great deal of money, but if the health of our citizens isn’t one of our government’s priorities, what is? There are many women undergoing breast cancer surgery everyday. It will be comically expensive. For the government to tell Americans that they can’t do this one thing (which is one of the main reasons why they were created) because they spend all our tax money on stupid military endeavors and renovating their mansions is beyond ridiculous.

    The US wasted tens of billions of dollars on wartime contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a government report. The Commission on Wartime Contracting blames poor planning, lack of supervision and corruption for the waste of US resources.
    Since 2002, the US has paid nearly 200 billion dollars (145 billion euros) to contractors supporting its military and reconstruction operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    The commission does not give an exact estimate of how much of that total was wasted, but its report says the figure is in the “tens of billions”. One estimate cited puts the cost of fraud alone at 12 billion dollars (8.7 billion euros).

    Among the commission’s recommendations for reducing the misuse of funds are closer supervision of contractors, reducing the use of contractors for security missions, and increasing competition between contractors to lower prices.
    The US government currently employs around 200,000 contractor employees in Iraq and Afghanistan – almost the same as the number of American soldiers deployed there.
    Contractors handle services such as guarding US bases, escorting convoys, interpreting and catering.

    Many of the contractors were hire under Republican G.W. Bush administration! Billion of taxpayer money lost under Bush. Hardly any money spent on the American people! Yet today Republican have supporters. That want to give another Republican a chance at being President of the US!

  2. Tyrone says


    It is no question that the Republican Party and their Tea Party friends. Are holding up the raising of the debt ceiling. 10.5 trillion dollars was the Republican debt. Created before President Obama took office. Ideologies and pure stupidity and a plan to defeat President Obama from day one.

    Has led to Republicans voting NO NO NO! To any and everything propose or accomplish by President Obama. Even things Republicans at one time agreed with and propose! Republican are also behind unemployment in America. They are in bed with the private sector. Who is holding America’s jobs hostage.

    The private sector knows if they hold out on hiring. Republican (THEIR BUDDY) can blame it on President Obama. Therefore defeating Obama in 2012 Republicans regaining power and more tax cuts for the rich and super rich. Which by the way has never worked to restore jobs or the economy!

    All President Obama so-call out of control spending was on the American people! Stopping the recession and saving the automobile industry saving over a million jobs! Under former Republican President G.W. Bush 22 million jobs were lost! Many jobs will never return to the United State!

    Before President Obama took office several Republican radio talking head stated they wanted candidate Obama to fail. Rush Limbaugh stated he want President Obama to fail! Glenn Beck called President Obama a racist. Republican Rep. Joe Wilson has apologized for yelling out “You lie!” to Obama during his health care speech in front of Congress. Republicans are more concern in disrespecting President Obama and the office of the President of the United State!

    Republican are playing games with American. They want power and their plan to get power is to lie! To demonize any and everything President Obama has done. To continue to state that the stimulus package did not work. Continue to call President Obama weak stupid and racist. Keeping the Birther idiot alive keeping hate and divide alive!

  3. Elaine says

    Well, it is December 1st and the Conservatives won the Congress. Pelosi, even though she has to step down from Speaker of the House is still there, the wench won’t quit. But AFL-CIO promised her she would win and she did. Bunch of crooks. Harry Reid’s re-election was rigged by SEIU. I am sorry if any of you belong to a union but these members of unions are used and abused by these union leaders. All their member dues that probably should have been going in their pensions went to re-elect these idiots that just use them too. Trumpka was reported back during the summer of hiring non-union people to help demonstrate because he could not get enough union people to an area of demonstration. Both these union leaders want us to become a Global One World Order with one Nationalized Bank for the entire World. We do not want to be governed by the UN. In fact I would like to see them and the IMF out of the United States.Obamacare has to be repealed not re-worked and the Bush Tax Cuts have to be extended for everyone. Obama has got to stop these land grabs mostly out west. Oil drilling in the Gulf and off on both coasts must be lifted. Obama and the EPA has got to be stopped on this costly plan they have coming out in January 2011. Man does that Lisa that’s over the EPA look like she ready to punch you out if you disagree with her?
    Might better be prepared to jump around like Mohammed Ali when you tell her what she can do with her

  4. Ryder is an idiot. says

    Jay Levenberg,Esq. says:
    September 27, 2010 at 12:23 pm
    The question that people will be thinking about as they go to the polls are the following:

    1. Has the Obama economic program helped or hurt the situtation.

    Helped. We we lost 10 million jobs in two years. We just had 9 months straight of economic growth after the worst decade of economic growth this country has ever seen. If you love the stimulus. Vote Repulbicaa. If you love Tarp. Vote Republican. Whose policies do you think made the stimulus and TARP needed. Go support the surplus to stimulus party.

    2. Was spending a year fighting over healthcare and producing a terribly flawed bill worth it when people were struggling on the job front. For seniors, Medicare was cut by 500 billion dollars.

    The bill is terrible because of the Republican ideas. They cut some money from Medicare. Supposedly waste. You like getting rid of the waste don’t you. The GOP wants to get rid of Medicare completely. Who you voting for.

    3. The debt situation has become considerably worse with no end in sight and no programs by our party to cut spending anywhere near the amount needed to make a dent in the problem.

    No it hasn’t. Bush wasted 13 trillion. Our current debt is 14 trillion. Obama already lowered the deficit and has added more jobs than Bush.

    4. The Democrats are leaving town without even voting on continuing the Bush tax cuts for anyone, let alone the middle class.

    Why is that.

  5. Ryder is an idiot. says

    Your idea of freedom and the corporations are not the same thing at all, you talk about your private lives they talk about their ability to make profit. Now ask yourselves what limits their profits.

    1] Regulations
    2] Wages
    3] Corporate taxes.

    Their simple mantra, cut all three of the above anything else is supplementary and hence unnecessary; for example.

    1] Safe working conditions.
    2] Livable wage
    3] You.

    Do not matter.

    So your screams of

    1] Birth certificates
    2] Death panels
    3] America is a christian country.
    4] No more taxes

    Were all given a nod and a wink by the Washington elite as they used you to get their real agenda through, and I’m afraid it has nothing to do with you.

    So even if they win you will lose, and the disparity will grow, I hope you are content with your $300 tax cut buy-off; as the banks, corporations and the uber-rich walk off with our country.

    If on Wednesday you feel like partying like never before just remember our warnings from here on the left:

    You just lost.

    Unless of course you happen to own a corporation/bank/lobby firm or be in the top 0.1%, then boogie on down.

  6. Jenny says

    Just read your article:

    You wrote;

    “In the name of “freedom” these Tea Bag Republican leaders want to strip citizenship from brown people, want to take the life from gay people and want to deprive all citizens of the right to vote for candidates whose religion isn’t corporate “christianity”. Again, the critical comments will not point to any Tea Bag leader disputing these ideas.

    What fantasy world do you live in?

    Illegal aliens are not citizens, no matter their color, therefore, they do not have citizenship, gay people can do as they wish and citizens can vote for any candidate they choose. However, those citizens voting really need to be alive..don’t you think?

  7. -Nate says

    Wow ~ this is fascinating to read .

    I can hardly wait to see how it all shakes out in November .

    Just remember : you get what you vote for….

  8. Joshua says

    I’d like to second the “Don’t Use Tea Bagger/Tea Bag” slang, It is very ugly, It can turn a debate into an argument very quickly.

    “But will they be able to point to any Republican Party or “tea party” leader who regularly disputes Boehner’s description?”
    No , but what you think His words mean and what I think he means are worlds apart. One of the many problems of the “culture war” is, many refuse to see the Validity of the opposing view, they can only see their way, through the “flawless” lense of their ideology. Doesn’t lend itself to civil debate and comprimise.

    ” without ever risking any details of what parts of the Constitution need “restoration.” ” How about the 10th Amendment to start with, it’s a real simple one and yes the “general welfare” clause and the Commerce Clause are lame excuses to ignore a pillar of the Constitution. It is there for a reason. The whole not putting too much power in any single institution, to be abused by some future hypothetical tyrant.

    Once again you have combined a starwman argument (you have misrepresented the opposing view) , with “poisoning the well” (You cite fringe opinions and attach them to the Mainstream movement), with the dreaded race card (oh damn whitey is after them brown folk again, bad whitey,bad) for a Fallacious trifecta.

    For the sake of the Republic make a concerted effort to see the Opposing view as it is, BOTH sides make valid points (and some absurd ones as well). Mainstream Tea Partiers are not anarchists, nor do they want to return to the Era in “The Jungle” BUT when the Federal Government is worring about whether the individual smokes ,drinks soda, exercises, sleeps in on sunday, WE, the People have a problem. The Federal Government exists to Defend our Borders and OUR interests abroad , Build infrastruture where it is NEEDED and the local authority doesn’t have the means and to regulate interstate trade. All in All The Federal Government exists to do what States cannot do, but NEED to do. State Government exists to do what Local Governments cannot do but NEED to do. Local Govermnets exist to do what the individual cannot do but NEEDS to do. Everything the Body politic does MUST serve everyone equaly, the good of the many, not the few, must be their primary concern.(ie don’t mess up 90%+ of citizen’s heathcare for the sake of a small group of people , many non-citizens).

    • Tom says


      I assert that Tea Party Republicans (and let’s now admit that they are ALL Republicans) are unwilling to disclose specifics of their stands.

      You say, how about the 10th Amendment? How about it. It says: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

      In true Tea Party Republican fashion (dictated by the talking points you get) you lay out a broad generality, without saying ANYTHING about what you see as a problem. What powers have been usurped? What specific action has usurped any power which the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress or any President has said are “reserved to the States”?

      Same question for any power “reserved…to the people”?

      I understand that the instructions that Freedom Works and the Tea Party Express send out encourage you to avoid specifics, because the rhetoric is so at odds with the historical facts. But I am sure that if you look, you can find one or two examples. Then we can see just how important they are.

      • Ryder says

        I’m not a republican, so…again, you are out of touch with reality… And all polling data clearly shows that tea party supporters that are NOT in the republican party are growing substantially.

        How did you manage to become so astoundingly out of touch?

        Before you pick up your pen again, I would suggest you end all assertions unless you can back them up.

        If being a progressive means you have to spin and cite false “facts”… Then maybe being a progressive isn’t all that one might hope….

  9. Jay Levenberg,Esq. says

    The question that people will be thinking about as they go to the polls are the following:

    1. Has the Obama economic program helped or hurt the situtation.

    2. Was spending a year fighting over healthcare and producing a terribly flawed bill worth it when people were struggling on the job front. For seniors, Medicare was cut by 500 billion dollars.

    3. The debt situation has become considerably worse with no end in sight and no programs by our party to cut spending anywhere near the amount needed to make a dent in the problem.

    4. The Democrats are leaving town without even voting on continuing the Bush tax cuts for anyone, let alone the middle class.

    For this, you expect the Democrats to be rewarded? Things won’t be that bad after the election but losing 30 or 40 seats is not great honor either. It could have been avoided. We have to admit we have a very weak President who is brilliant but unable to understand the American public very well. I remember a similarly brilliant President (in fact he’s the first one to tell you so) named Jimmy Carter. We know how that ended. You don’t have to be a genius to be President. There are other qualities that are far more important like the ability to see more than one side of an issue and to make your own party understand that you can’t have a whole loaf of bread everytime you want something or you might end up with nothing.

  10. Wes Tipton says

    Despite these continued bitter and misinformed atricles, the GOP will take back control in November for one simple reason. We live in a republic, and ‘we the people’ will not accept these marxist/socialist ideals drummed up by a bunch of lawyers.
    Boehner is a businessman, as are most Republicnas, while the democratic party is stuffed to the gills with lawyers. Most of those have very little real world work experience, which of course is why they can not relate to the working people of this nation.
    People like this angry and clueless author can rant, rave and insult all they want, and it won’t help their cause one iota.
    The ‘tea party’ is millions strong, and it is quite simply middle America fighting to take their once great country back from these liberal loons who would have us shoved into a socialist utopia where they sit in power re-distributing OUR wealth and telling us how to live every aspect of OUR lives.
    Sorry kids, that ain’t gonna work in America, so get over yourselves and move on..

  11. Ryder says

    Interesting article Mr. Hall…

    … as fantasy.

    You seem comfortable with creating rabid levels of media “spin”. Calling the tea party, modeled after that famous event in 1773, the tea bag party, the Contract with America the Contract On America, and similarly with the Pledge…. Places you into the relm on non-thinkers… where crude remarks and unhinged assertions stand in favor of simple reason and fact. Certainly if you will spin out in the open, you will spin in the shadows.

    Hopefully readers will see your work for what it is… Just a hit piece, filled with casual and non causal “links” suitable for practitioners of numerology.

    The tea party is easy to understand… Though you intend to avoid it. Government is too big. A government that is too big, is ALSO dangerous. History proves this without doubt. Government is also burning our wealth as fast as it can borrow it from future generations. The tea party would rather NOT screw over the next few generations. The tea party also sees that where government has departed from it’s true charter as envisioned by the founders, government fails spectacularly… Government has spent nearly a century to “end poverty” for example, and has wasted trillions of dollars…. Not only failing to end poverty, but to entrench it by creating multi generational dependency… So now we have poverty AND dependency, at great cost.

    The tea party is saying enough is enough. Big government is a proven failure, and is unconstitutional. Stop treating the constitution like toilet paper. Quit dumping the fruits of our labor, taken by force…. and tossing it into a hole.

    That you have to work So hard to distort this plain message pretty much tells me all I need to know about you.

    • Tom says

      OOH! “rabid, non-thinker, crude, unhinged, spin”!

      At least you’re not into name-calling as a substitute for logic!

      I get the concept that “government is too big.” What I don’t get is why you refuse to identify anything specific about what should be cut. I have some ideas that I know you are opposed to:

      1) Cut the hundreds of billions of dollars of subsidies for corporate farms (like the farms that just spread salmonella around the nation);

      2) Cut the billions of dollars in subsidies that encourage and help companies to move jobs to China and to Latin America.

      Both of those ideas are OPPOSED by both the Republican Party and the “Tea Party” (remember those photos from the early tea party rallies? The ones where people were encouraged to staple tea bags to their hats and jackets. They only got upset about being called “tea baggers” some weeks later when they learned that the term had meanings contradicting their hatred of sexual equality.)

      See, when you speak about “big government” and “cutting waste”, but refuse to criticize any of the billions and billions spent on corporate welfare, it’s fair for people to think that you’re not really serious.

      • Ryder says

        What do you mean *I* refuse to identify cuts??? Are you insane? I have never been ASKED. And if I were, I would instantly rattle off truckloads of cuts.

        So you raise a straw man argument…

        And as far as I know, nobody in the tea party movement has refused to suggest places to cut.

        You are the first person I have ever heard claim it.

      • Ryder says

        And instead of waiting for you to man up and ask, I’ll just tell you a few:

        End the Department of Education
        End HUD
        End the Department of Energy
        End the Department of Health and Human Services
        End all federal level health spending except for veterans and gov employees
        Full repeal of Obamacare

        Shrink government worker benefits to match average private sector

        Require 50% reduction in federal agency staffing

        End all federal subsidies of all kinds. No exceptions.

        Shrink the Dept of Labor to 15% it’s current size


        All of the “work” done by many agencies, if it needs doing at all (most clearly isn’t), is better done at state, local, and private levels.

        Such a draw down would obviously take time, but I would push it as hard and as fast as I could.

        Re: things you “know” I’m opposed to…. So much for what you know….

    • Fred Farkle says

      Well said, Ryder.

      Mr. Hall’s apparent ignorance of the US Constitution combines with a obviously bilious disposition – so he calls names and smears with a broad brush. As if heat substitutes for light in discussions like these.

      I also am a Tea Party supporter – and I am NOT a Republican.

      I also hope the Tea Parties can be successful at guiding our elected officials, of both parties, back toward their constitutional limits. They are killing America.

      Mr. Hall, like you, I am an environmentalist. Our goals can, and should be, accomplished within the limits of the Constitution.

      Like you, I believe that we should all do our best to help the helpless. Our history shows clearly that this is most effectively done locally and privately. That is what our Constitution allows and encourages. Private charity is the way to go. Local schooling and jobs programs are the way to go. Local and community involvement by those who really care, is the way to go.

      Remember: “Think globally, act locally”. We cannot expect the federal government to succeed for us. And it is morally wrong for the gov’t to take our property at gunpoint, like it has for the last 100 years.

      Government is not helping the problem – it IS the problem. Thomas Jefferson knew it – Benjamin Franklin knew it – so did George Washington, John Adams, and the other political geniuses who gave us our charter.

      I trust their ideals, Mr. Hall. They created the most successful, the most freedom-creating, the most wealth-producing, the most generous and the fairest society ever seen on earth.

      But for the last 80 years, the socialists have been tearing it to shreds. The socialist dream of utopia is beautiful but inhuman and impossible. Socialism creates oppression, misery and poverty wherever it is instituted, don’t you see?

      Read your history, Mr. Hall. Read what the founding Fathers said and did, Mr. Hall. Open your mind to their time-tested wisdom – and help us bring this gov’t back to the founding principles. The leviathan must be brought to heel, or we are doomed.

      • Tom says

        “ignorance”, “bilious”, “smears”, “socialist”.

        As you say, heat substituted for light.

        I notice that you studiously avoid any comment on the substance or the specific examples in the essay.

        Too bad. There was a time when Fred Farkle indicated something witty and humorous. How sad that it has shriveled to cowardly, evasive name-calling and avoidance of the real issues.

        Feel free to identify a real, specific Constitutional problem, if you can find one.

      • Ryder says


        that was a truly pathetic response.

        You, acting as some species of journalist, have written an article that is full of mud slinging and purposeful deception… tan real world topics where you at least pretend to be enlightening, and commenters here (not journalists) have tried to fairly characterize your work, right on the table. Nothing hidden. All readership have the opportunity to judge what is said about your work.

        The reason they (I) can do this fairly and properly is that you are here to defend yourself… And comments are restricted to the small universe of this article Whereas your mud slinging and mischaracterizations of the tea party are done behind their backs from a safe distance in the pages of LAP… No representation of the tea party proper is evident.

        B*itch slapping the defenseless is, as my son might say, lame.

        I think you need to sharpen your pencil a bit, and stick to plain fact when discussing those not present to defend themselves lest you sound like a whining coward (IMHO)

  12. Elaine says

    Mr. Hall – I forgot to ask you one thing! Have you heard of Cass Sunstein? One of Obama’s Czars! He said that all of us have a little Bart Simpson in us and really do not know the right things to do so we have to be led into taught to follow into the direction of where to go! He, also, thinks that all animals are just like humans and have the right to sue. I love animals but I do not think he speaks for them. Maybe we should give him a cobra or a boa and he can find out what they are thinking. I understand him to be a dangerous person when it comes to our freedoms.

  13. Elaine says

    AND YOUR POINT IS??????????????????????????????? LOL
    Please, stop using that ugly word Teabaggers!!!!!It is the Tea Bag Party. To be honest I have not read the Pledge to Americans yet. I just know that we have got to move back to Conservative Values and Obama and his teams of Democrats, Pelosi and Reid, Biden, and all of his administration and of course the Czars and Unions do not have a bit of Conservatism or any kind of fair minded balance amongst themselves. And you are right, I do not see us wasting money on cap & trade but I do think we need clean water. But as far as this Al Gore BS needs to be stopped. Look at the hostage taker that held up the Discovery Channel and some of their people because of what Al Gore was teaching. I am not so simple minded I believe in all Republicans or Conservatives. I do believe there are a lot of them that have been in Congress and the Senate too long but only so much can be done at a time. We do need to set time limits on them the people in the house otherwise we get evil control freaks like Pelosi and Reid. Look at Franks, Dodd, Waters and the others that said Freddie and Fannie did not need regulating back in 2005 and 2006 when both McCain brought to their attention that he thought they should and so did President Bush, but because the Democrats had control of the House they would not. Then look what happened after years of being told to loan to those that could not afford it got loan after loan and eventually they had to collapse.
    Franks new this but he had a boyfriend at Freddie or Fannie and Dodd was getting a deal himself and Waters, well to be frank she is just too busy helping her husband out. And I am sure you saw her mess up in Congress one day when she accidentally used the word socialism and got that astonished look on her face and tried to back track on the comment, but it was too late, we all suspected it but she just proved it. I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry. But those around her leaned back in their chairs and looked at her laughing somewhat themselves. You are wrong about Lindsey Graham loving the Tea Bag Party. He does not like them at all. I do not know anything about the gay thing because I really do not care. But he puts the Tea Bag People down really bad. So that is some wrong information that is out there on that. I just plain do not like Lindsey Graham because he jumps sides too much, especially when it comes to the most important things. He worked for a long time with Kerry on cap & trade & Reid put in on the back burner & he got mad and quit. He voted for Elena Kagan and that really made me angry.
    I do not want any kind of control on people’s sex lives. In their home or anywhere else but I do not want it forced on our children to be taught to them. As far as school goes you can and should do the pledge of allegiance to the flag, I am old enough to remember as a child how proud I felt when we all stood their and with our hand over our heart gave the pledge of allegiance every day. It made be feel strong and I loved my country even more. Then you should be able to tell the kinds a minute of silence so they can pray or do what they want. There is nothing wrong with that & there is nothing wrong in loving your country and your fellow man. The Ten Commandments should be followed by all because it gives you a sense of right & wrong, morals to stand up for and stand by. I know those days are gone but I really would like to see a change in the children if we could ever go back to it. It cannot do any harm in them but just to help them become strong, proud, with caring thoughts. Not murders and trying to out do the others for the lack of having no morals at all. Did you know that all the oil rigs in the Gulf were going to be closed up? But Obama is going to give money to Mexico so they can drill for oil in the Gulf. He sent a while back 2B to Brazil, where George Soros owns the oil rigs so they can drill some more for oil. So in other words at least we could have our own oil rigs which could make us a little less dependent on other countries and he is just about to make us need them even more. He is forcing all the businesses here in the US to either go belly up or to go to other countries because he does not want us to produce any of our oil needs at all? Maybe you should be checking on that!!!!!

    • Tom says


      I’m confused. You say that the 10 Commandments should be followed. One of those Commandments is “thou shalt not bear false witness.”

      But then you say “But Obama is going to give money to Mexico so they can drill for oil in the Gulf. He sent a while back 2B to Brazil, where George Soros owns the oil rigs so they can drill some more for oil.”

      As a Republican Party writer, who does research on the facts, you KNOW that even Rupert Murdoch’s Wall St. Journal debunked the lie about sending money for foreign oil wells. But you repeat it here, KNOWING that it is a lie.

      Why is it OK for a Republican Party writer to lie about such a thing – when she pretends to believe in the 10 Commandments?

      • Elaine says

        Tom, sorry that I missed your reply. Been a little under the weather but I did not know that Rupert Murdoch’s Wall St. Journal debunked the lie about sending money for foreign oil wells. So to my knowledge I did not lie. But I will research that. So thank you for the feed back. But don’t feel like the only confused one out there. Hard to keep up with Obama when he talks out both sides of his mouth and one side seems to contradict the other at times.

        I’m not a Republican writer, I just a blogger that tends to get to absorb in our country being something that is no longer what I thought it was. What happened to not allowing Communist to live in our country without being pointed out and not welcomed? Same with Fascists and Marxists? And how did we end up with a Muslim as Congressman in what state that took the oath on the Koran to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States? And a Democrat Congresswoman in California who is a Progressive and belongs to a Communist Party?

  14. Nancy, Ojai says

    Both Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have cited the “Pledge for America” as the rethugs’ taking credit for healthcare reform, tax breaks for the middle class, and many other accomplishments by our present administration; more lies and underhandedness— surprise, surprise.
    People, do all you can to get out the vote in this election; it’s absolutely critical we don’t let ANY baggers get into office, nor any of the pernicious rethug candidates.
    Vote early, and encourage every person you meet to go to the polls. It would be tragic if we lost due to poor turnout.

  15. says


    I like this post and your others, too. Evidence + outrage = argument. I have recently started writing for LA Progressive, too. You can check out my essays at Good luck to both of us.

    Steve Hochstadt

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