Die! Die! Die!

republican debateBrian Williams: “Your state has executed two-hundred and thirty-four death row inmates, more than any governor of modern times [Cheers from the audience] Have you struggled to sleep at night with the idea that any one of those might have been innocent?”

Rick Perry: “No sir, I never struggled with that at all.”

From the GOP Presidential Debate, 7 September 2011

Ah, yes! I love it! Civics for sociopaths! Politics to die for! Life is quite beautiful thank you very much.

Two debates in the space of five days? Somebody up there must like me. In the midst of the first one I asked myself out loud, “Am I hallucinating this?” I wasn’t. This was very real indeed. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology I was able to record both spectacles onto DVD for posterity. Looking at them again last evening was not the ordeal you might imagine. To the contrary; it was loads of fun to watch! Unintentional comedy always is – and these twits are the Marx Brothers of unintentional comedy.

The delightful, knee-slapping highlight in accidental rib-ticklers this week was provided by, of course, our precious Michele Bachmann. I’m really gonna miss that gal. Claiming that a certain vaccination for cervical cancer causes mental retardation, she pretty much banged the final nail in her campaign’s coffin. Her source for this ludicrous claim? Some woman she had never even met before told her so. It reminded me of that classic scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

“She turned me into a newt!”

“A NEWT???”

“I got better.”

I’ve been saying for quite some time that the GOP is the party of the plutocracy, and that it has been hijacked by a cabal of white-collar criminals, half-wits and crazy people. I’m not giving away any state secrets here. They don’t even attempt to hide their nuttiness any longer. It’s out in the open now. But after watching the latest parade of this insane clown posse I had an epiphany: We can now claim – without exaggeration – that this is a party overwhelmed by the presence of sadists.

Both of the audiences attending these two debates were the icing on a very nasty-tasting cake. In addition to the exchange quoted above between NBC’s Brian Williams and Governor Perry of Texas, Ron Paul’s inference in the debate five nights later – that a 30-year-old uninsured accident victim might be forced to “just die” – drew hoots and shouts of “YEAH!!!” from these animals. Isn’t that sweet? Such compassion!

I should rephrase something I said earlier. Life is not always beautiful, but it sure is interesting – and never boring! Having said that, here is an extremely non-boring statement for you to ponder:

With each passing day it is becoming more and more clear that Rick Perry will probably be elected the next president of the United States.

After I wrote that very short paragraph above I stared at it for almost 30 minutes. I then drove a half mile down the road to grab a cup of coffee from the nice folks at the Country Convenience store. En route I pondered what I had written. Do I really believe that? I didn’t quite know. Surely, I thought, the American people won’t go down that road again. Sending another dim-witted and reactionary cowboy from the Texas Governor’s mansion to the Executive Mansion? They can’t be that stupid, can they? CAN THEY??? I’ve got bad news for you:


Rick Perry would be their perfect nominee. He has more of a taste for blood than any of the other contenders – a lot more; more than Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman combined. And while Michele Bachmann may claim an insatiable lust for the blood of evil-doers, she’s never actually had the joy and privilege of executing anyone, poor thing.

This got me to thinking about scripture. Although hardly a scholar with respect to the New Testament, I do dabble on occasion. Surely these “Christians” can see the folly of their attitude toward the death penalty – not to mention its ultimate hypocrisy.

“So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, ‘He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.'” –Jesus of Nazareth, from the Gospel of John, 8:7

Jesus was coming out against capital punishment in this passage. There’s no other way of interpreting it. None. A crowd of biblical tea-partiers was about to stone a poor woman to death – and Jesus stopped them, telling her to “Go and sin no more.” He didn’t say to this blood-thirsty mob, “Hey listen folks, my mother Mary and I have never committed a sin in our entire lives. We’ll kill this gal for you!” He was clearly saying that killing another human being was wrong – PERIOD. I would take these right-wingers a lot more seriously if they had as much love and respect for the born as they profess to have for the unborn.

There was also that bit in the Sermon on the Mount about the merciful obtaining mercy. Why is it that these people continue to hold Jesus Christ hostage when their message and agenda has not a thing to do with His message and agenda? And isn’t there a passage somewhere in there that says “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord”? I’m just sayin’.


I’m starting to get the impression that the Republicans are a lynch mob posing as a political party. Things have gotten that strange. Their behavior is becoming more Nazi-like by the hour. It should be remembered that when Hitler and his gang took power in the late winter of 1933, there was no talk of exterminating the Jewish people. Had that been the case every Jew in Germany would have gotten the hell out of town while the getting was good – overnight! The horrible reality of the death camps was merely a gradual evolution.

I’m not implying that the American right wing is in full-tilt brown-shirt mode – but it cannot be denied by anyone paying close attention that they are evolving into something perfectly hideous. Ronald Reagan is starting to look in hindsight like a moderate. Richard Nixon is starting to look like freakin’ Che Guevara! No, this is not your father’s Republican party. It’s not even your older brother’s. How much further, to the extreme right, are these jackasses going to move before they hurl themselves – and the rest of the country along with them – right over the proverbial cliff?

“Let me remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me further remind you that moderation in the pursuit of victory is no virtue.” — Barry Goldwater, Acceptance speech, Republican Convention, 1964

Let’s use old Barry as an example of what I’m talking about. When the Republicans nominated him to run against incumbent Lyndon Johnson in 1964, Goldwater scared the living shit out of mainstream America. In his day he was known as “Mr. Conservative”. During that campaign he said he could turn North Vietnam into a “parking lot” by means of low-level nuclear weapons. Nice, huh? Although he won in the Old Confederacy, he lost everywhere else. It was a landslide for Johnson. And yet, when he died in 1998, Goldwater was in a blind funk about the mindless extremism to which the Republican party – his party – had attached themselves. And remember, this was over a decade before the formation of the Tea Party!

Were Barry Goldwater to rise from the dead tonight, he wouldn’t recognize the Grand Old Party. It’s also a pretty safe bet that they wouldn’t nominate him to run as vice chairman of the Scottsdale Rotary Club. He’d be seen as too much of a left-wing extremist. At the time of his death he was writing a book in collaboration with John Dean of Watergate fame. Dean finished the book a few years ago. It was called “Conservatives Without Conscience“.

“And let me further remind you” how these knuckleheads on the far-right view that other Barry – a sleep-inducing moderate named Barack Obama. They have labeled him a “socialist”. A socialist! Isn’t that a hoot?

Barring a gaffe of earthquake magnitudes (like suggesting that Texas may secede from the union) Rick Perry will probably be nominated as the Republican candidate for president of the United States at their convention next summer. Given the jaw-dropping gullibility of the American people, he might very-well win the election. I really hope I’m wrong about this, but I don’t think I am.

tom deganIf you think the Supreme Court is disgusting now (Corporations are people, too!) wait and see what it looks like after two or three appointments by President Perry. Not that I’m saying we’ll have to kiss this country goodbye if he is inaugurated on January 20, 2013. We already did that – on January 20, 2001. Another right wing extremist from Texas living in the White House will only be anti-climactic. The damage is complete.

Have a lovely day, kiddies!

Tom Degan

The Rant


  1. MyLeftMind says

    Both Republicans and Democrats are facilitating the plutocratic takeover of our country. Republicans call Obama a socialist, but we know better. He’s no socialist, he’s not even a good Democrat. He’s a stealth Republican.

    Obama the speechmaker is saying all the right things now about jobs and the middle class, but his actions as President belie his words. He’s back in campaign mode, pretending he’s on our side. If reelected, he’ll be pushing his ongoing wealth redistribution schemes that destroy the middle class and make the wealthy rich beyond their wildest dreams. Obama had the chance to be a great president, a hero of the common people. Instead, he 1) Sneakily destroyed the public option that might have led to true universal health care, giving us universal health INSURANCE instead, with his “Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enhancement Act,” 2) Slipped through an extension of the Bush tax breaks for the rich, and 3) Bailed out the Wall Street instead of Main Street, funding banks so they could afford to foreclose on millions of homes owned by struggling Americans. Obama is even willing to destroy Social Security so the government can redirect whatever retirement savings the middle class can come up with to Wall Street instead. His catfood commission and flunkies in Congress will do the dirty work, but Obama is the man facilitating the destruction of our middle class that started with the two Bush Republicans before him. He could have been the hero, and instead Obama’s policies are actively destroying the futures of those who voted him into office.

    If Obama loses the 2012 election, it’ll be because the people who voted for him in 2008 have finally realized he’s a big fake.

    • Ray Bishop says

      My left mind sounds much more to the right than he claims President Obama might be. This article is a bunch of gibberish with a few catchy words and phrases similar to what we might expect from Rove.
      On what basis does the writer think the President is willing to destroy Social Security? This is nonsense.
      It sounds as if the writer is hoping and actually advocating that President Obama lose the 2012 election.
      Considering the alternatives, and the reality of the world we live in; what good can this writer do to improve the situation in the world?
      Considering that this is a Progressive newsletter, it is amazing that a nameless person could attack the President who is the only real hope for Progressive Americans at this point in time.
      This writing is the type of generalization that you expect from the Right and makes me wonder if they have planted this type of person and rhetoric in the minds of those of us who are really working in a positive manner. We are working to form unity to recover from the damage done by the Republicans and who will do and say anything possible to make the President look bad even if it is detrimental to the Country.
      Ray Bishop

      • pigdog67 says

        Ray Bishop where have you been for the last 3 years? Obviously Obama is a stealth republican. As Jesus said ‘You shall know them by what they do, not by what they say’. Get some eyes. Get a brain.
        What the commenter presented was factual. Obama is going to force everyone to buy health insurance through an ‘insurance company’. Those companies add 30% to the cost of healthcare without adding any value, just some anxiety about if you can collect.
        Obama maintained the war in Iraq and expanded it in Afghanistan. He says he will pull out of Iraq by Dec 2011 hence keeping his campaign promise. His promise was too pull out in 2009.
        The man is a total fraud. If he elect Obama the Republicans will still get what they want. If you elect a Republican they will get what they want. Vote independent and at least make a statement. Your vote for Obama or a Republican is a wasted vote is you care about this country or are not in the top 1 percent income bracket.

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